House Vadalis

*Roleplaying a Vadalis**

Beastmasters one and all, Vadalis is a small house that feels more like an extended family than a great dragonmarked house, and to some extent, thats because it is. Members know their lineage back numerous generations, and will almost always be able to find a common ancestor with any living Vadalis heir. This makes your fellow members more than just house members, but makes them family. Tied inexorably to the land, House Vadalis has a slow patience that only farmers can truely understand. It is that very patience and tie to the land that has allowed them, and you, to breed the mightiest beasts to ever wear a bit and bridle.

As a Vadalis Artificer, you bear little resemblance to other Artificers. Arcane magics and wands hold little interest for you, instead you focus on nature and the world around you. You do not produce wands encrusted in precious metals and gemstones to tend the wounds of the high and mighty, but craft simple utilitarian tools to heal your livestock and protect the land. You have little reason to make weapons, although you would be skilled enough in armorsmithing to craft any type of barding required to equip your beasts for the dangers they will face as the mounts of warriors. The bulk of your wondrous items would also be similarly aimed at animals, such as horseshoes of the zephyr or amulets of natural armor. If you did spend time making weapons, they too would likely be for animals, steel reinforced claws that strap to magebred bears, armor with razor sharp spikes, or metal fangs. The one thing you would likely never make is a construct, or at least nothing substantial. You focus on the living world, and are far more likely to breed the perfect beast in the flesh than you are to try and copy it in metal and stone. What point is there in wasting resources building and enchanting an Iron Defender, when you could raise a living, breathing magebred mastiff to serve the same purpose? However, you would see the benefits of having tireless helpers and assistants, which means the Dedicated Wright would be the most common construct you would build. Much more rarely, you may also craft larger, stronger constructs for manual labor as opposed to combat. Much like the modern tractor, these would be little more than mechanical tools used to prepare the way for the life you are about to bring into being.

As an adventurer, you would roam the lands of Khovaire not for money or power, but to find new bloodlines for existing creature lines, or to discover entirely new stock that could be added to the house’s already extensive holdings. With your understanding of animals and nature, you may also be called upon whenever something particularly dangerous gets out of control, either to tame the beast, or to kill it. When you are forced into combat, you strike hard and fast. You have seen time and time again how nature handles conflict, and know that the only truly beaten opponent is a dead opponent. Rarely will you start a fight, but when you finish one, it is truly finished.

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