Hydration Suit

Hydration Suit: The hydration suit is a masterpiece of water retention, crafted by waste-dwellers with technical skill and unusual materials. Its design allows you to recover nearly all the water your body loses through sweat and exhalation. A hydration suit is made of the skin and tissue of various desert-dwelling beasts and treated with oils or waxes for water retention. It covers your entire body, with a tight-fitting hood over the head and a mask covering the mouth and nose. Inside the mask is a glass plate to collect condensation and a tube fashioned from watertight materials. An inner lining wicks sweat away from your body and collects it in spongelike filtration material that can be removed after you doff the hydration suit. The tube from the facemask twists in loops around your body, through the sponge, to reclaim moisture, condensing it in a reservoir from which you can sip.
A functioning hydration suit eliminates the need to make Constitution checks to avoid dehydration. It raises the level of protection from heat dangers by two steps (see page 14), and its mask functions as a filter mask. A hydration suit offers no protection from magical dessication damage.

Cost:1,000 gp
Weight:10 lb.


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