Icing Deathbow Of The Frost Giant King

+1 Heavy Crossbow Of Frost

Description: An intricately carved bone crossbow with a crossbar blanketed in tiny overlapping silver scales. Its string is deep blue colour and is blanketed in an array of icicles. The underside grips have thick mammoth fur to protect the hands.

When a bolt is placed in the crossbow it instantly freezes.

Story: An adventuring group that once frequented this very store many years past, claimed this great bow from the great Frost Giant Jarl known as Khurok. After battling a myriad of monsters, not the least of them being the tribe of frost giants and their stone and hill giant allies, the Greenswords faced the great Jarl ridding his ancient white dragon.

From the aftermath of the battle the giant threat to the region was averted and this mighty bow was claimed. The amazing ability of this bow does not just lie in its firepower but also in its size manipulation. The bow attunes to the wielder, no matter what the size, and grows or shrinks to fit their hand accordingly.

Hook:The item has apparently changed hands many times since this famous event but I recognized the item instantly when Maavu showed it to me. Don’t mention it to him but I got it for a steal and now you can have it for one too!

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