Important Figures

This is a list of people who are important to the characters in our World of Conflict game.
First of all, the main characters;

Homer - A stealthy Ossian spy.
Geon Sarinious - A dragonborn monk priest.
Eoin Cross - A merc with a massive arm.
Max - An Ossian scout.


Captain Marko Finnian - Ossian Army captain in Drakewatch, responsible for co-ordination of mercenary assets.
One-Eyed Jack - Homer's immediate boss, the Ossian spymaster in charge of the north-eastern region of Ossia.
Chaz - A forger who lives in Angwar Keep. He provided the identities necessary to get Homer, Max and Eoin Cross across the border.
Ophelia Beddik - Eccentric Gnome writer who runs the shop Ophelia's Oddities.

Iron Wolves - A unit of Ossian infantry that Eoin Cross trained prior to joining the party.


Sergeant Philliman - Camp Sergeant Major of the temporary camp set up in Flint. Is also a commander of the Flame Riders.
Major Rolland - OiC of Grandian troops who were occupying Flint.

Not yet met

Likely Friendly

Flabbain - Drakewatch town sage. Is actually a Sage Dragon.

Issarre - An elven druid/ranger from Xalliman who was disgraced when her unit of rangers were massacred by undead and scavengers from Infernia. She works now to reclaim her honor and avenge the fallen.

Possibly Hostile

Unnamed Grandian Tiefling Saboteur - Loose in Ossia, responsible for the incident at Azure Peak. Could be male or female, as the goblins who worked for him/her were unsure. Possibly originally Infernian.

Vizardjeen - Evil wizard responsible for the night of the bloody blind.

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