A large ice-covered country to the north, across the mountain range and the glacier. It's citizens are known for necromancy and devil binding. The Drow are Infernia's subterannean citizens, driven underground by the cold. Patrolling the Arctic Tundra aboveground are the sinister nomadic Halfling tribes of the North, and the Shifters and Lycanthropes. Humans and Dwarves form more permanent settlements, and more often than not, include tieflings in their ranks from frequent devil-mortal coupling.

Sylarians - This nomadic tribe of Drow are interbred with devils and possess the vampiric ability to steal magic and life from unfortunate victims. They are a hated and feared tribe in Infernia, outcast by virtually all of it's denizens.

Mahinderytes - A scholarly mini-nation of magical people focussed on using transmutation magic designed to permanently improve their individual bodies. Effects vary from one to the next. One female may be unearthly beautiful with a magical pheromone that enhances her appeal, while a warrior may have a permanent weak stoneskin effect. They consider their magical body modifications near an art form, a way to express their souls outwardly.

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