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Korranberg Library Shares Genealogical Records with Karrnathi Cult

By Dorius Del Davandi

KORRANBERG — On Wir, Library of Korranberg loremasters announced their intention to share genealogical tomes with the Blood of Vol, a controversial cult native to Karrnath. Twelve Blood of Vol priests will have openstack privileges at the Korranberg Library, and a dozen Korranberg researchers will gain similar privileges at the Blood of Vol's Crimson Monastery, which is located in the Karrnathi city of Atur.
Loremaster Hurian Zarrek emphasized that despite the Blood of Vol's macabre beliefs, the information in the cult's genealogical records rivals the combined lore of Korranberg itself. "So many family histories were destroyed or lost in the Last War," Zarrek said. "Our records of the noble families living in northern Khorvaire are spotty, but the Blood of Vol has records going back for centuries. This historic opportunity was simply too good to pass up."
Blood of Vol worship is legal in Karrnath but forbidden elsewhere — including in Zilargo — because of cult members' tendencies to dabble in necromancy and other unsavory practices. Zarrek stated that for this reason, the priests from Karrnath would be strictly enjoined from conducting public religious ceremonies or advocating their cult while in Korranberg.
Zarrek further affirmed that this agreement marks a significant coup for the Library of Korranberg. "Never before has the Blood of Vol offered up any of its lore for the scrutiny of others," he said. "This arrangement could easily result in a doubling of our genealogical information."
The priests from Karrnath are due to arrive in approximately one month. The Korranberg researchers should depart next week.

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