Eyre 15 998yk

Red Gauntlet Regiment Reunites in Sharn

By Dorius Del Davandi
SHARN — The surviving members of the Red Gauntlet Regiment have gathered in Sharn this week to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Kennrun.
The regiment, composed of mercenaries who fought for Breland throughout the latter years of the Last War, was instrumental in Breland's victory at Kennrun. During that battle, elements of the Red Gauntlet Regiment prevented three heavy brigades from reinforcing the Cyran lines, enabling the Brelish 21st Cavalry to break through and liberate eastern Breland. The Red Gauntlet Regiment also served with distinction in the Graywall citadels during the late 980s, and during the "Great Thrust" battles of 992, when Breland pushed Cyran forces back to the original Breland/Cyre border.
Fewer than one hundred veterans of the regiment are alive today because its members were engaged with Cyran forces on the Day of Mourning. The regiment's standard is among those hanging at Athalus's Tomb in Wroat, dedicated to the Brelish victims of the Day of Mourning. To commemorate the reunion, King Boranel issued a royal proclamation declaring the gauntleteers honorary members of the Army of Breland. This action is highly significant because the regiment's relationship with the regular army was often difficult.
House Deneith, a minority owner in the regiment's contracts throughout the Last War, also plans a ceremonial color guard ceremony in honor of the Red Gauntlet Regiment next Sul. On that day, Deneith soldiers across Breland will wear red gloves in honor of these brave veterans.
"The ceremonies and proclamations are appreciated," said Red Gauntlet Sergeant Darius Pike. "But the reunion is more about remembering the gauntleteers who never returned from Cyre in 994. I survived only because I was assigned recruiting duty in the winter of 993 — an assignment I didn't particularly want.
"I used to know the thirty guys in my platoon better than their own families did," Pike said. "And my whole company was like family to me. Only three of those guys are still around. So we'll hoist a tankard for the other one hundred forty-odd brothers who are out there in the mist somewhere."

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