Sypheros 8 998yk

Blackfeather Slayings Solved by Local Inquisitive

By Geoff LaSalamon

Sharn - An Inquisitive employed by Thuranne d'Velderan's Investigative Services the Tharashk-sponsored agency located in Warden Towers, personally cracked the so-called Blackfeather case on Far, naming the man responsible for the long-unsolved serial killing of thirteen nobles in 991 YK.
Soneste Otansin, a native of Starilskur but a resident of Sharn, first came to note for finding Shauranna Rokesko last Olarune when the royal aide had been kidnapped by a cell of Emerald Claw agents. Now Soneste has discovered the true identity of the killer known for fifteen years only as the Torchfire Wraith, leading to the arrest of Aldem ir'Shorem, a former actor and playwright once rejected by the Blackfeather Troupe.
"We never expected to find that devil," said Werick Faldren, captain of the Menthis Plateau garrison of Warden Towers. "He killed thirteen young men and women in cold blood and left the Torchfire district paralyzed with fear for a long time."
Aldem, the heir of the ir'Shorem estate, is now in the custody of the King's Citadel and faces a dozen charges of murder.
"I'm very proud of Soneste," said Lady Thuranne d'Velderane, head of Investigative Services and a dragonmarked member of House Tharashk. "She single-handedly brought a notorious criminal to justice and closure to the families of his victims."
The family of Aldem ir'Shorem, the aristocrat from Ocean View whose guilt was brought to light by Soneste's investigation, could not be reached for comment…

Duke ir'Askranno Sentenced to Dreadhold

By Dorius Del Davandi

Duke ir'Askranno Sentenced to Dreadhold after Rambling Confession
SHARN — Before his sentence was handed down, convicted murderer Duke Rellen ir'Askranno blamed his killing spree last month on mind control by the Cult of the Twin Suns. Speaking before magistrate Carkell Anathamn, ir'Askranno wept, shouted, and tore up documents held by his barrister while delivering a 20-minute rambling speech. "It was all the Twin Suns!" ir'Askranno cried. "I loved my family, and I would never have done anything to hurt them. But they got in my head, and they made me — oh, gods, I can't believe it! The Twin Suns are everywhere — probably in this courtroom. I know they're working among the Sixty Families, trying make us do — well, terrible things! Terrible!" The duke's statement surprised court watchers, who had grown accustomed to ir'Askranno's stony silence during court proceedings.
Crown barrister Bhalla Quenthir dismissed ir'Askranno's claim as the ravings of a deranged mind. "Frankly, these ramblings aren't worth repeating," she said. "If some pernicious cult did have its fingers in every aspect of Sharn society, our investigation would have uncovered at least a hint of it."
Investigators from the Sharn Watch's Blackened Book unit used extensive divination magic on ir'Askranno after his arrest at the scene. Spellcasters found no evidence of enchantment magic, nor did their investigation indicate that any others had been present.
"And I would like to point out that we still don't know where the body of ir'Askranno's daughter is," Quenthir continued. "If he were truly contrite, he could at least tell us what happened to her."
After delivering his unusual statement, the duke was sentenced to life in the island prison of Dreadhold

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