Into The Eyes Of Madness


Born of a Aereni mother, from a human father, presumably from Cyre. Learned to ride and hunt with his mother on the back of jungle cats, moving as they did, swiftly and smoothly through the foliage. She also gifted him at birth with artifacts from his ancient bloodline, imbued with the souls of their undying ancestors. She was a powerful noble within the Aereni; powerful enough that the others somewhat overlooked his spoiled bloodline. When he was 15 his mother was approached by a House Thuranni agent, looking to employ the boy as a spy within Sharn, reasoning that the boy's half-elf lineage would gain him broader access than a pureblood might and that his elven allegiances ran deep enough to keep him loyal. As this was quite possibly the best opportunity she had to have her boy truly accepted by her people, working for a pureblood elven house, she set the boy off in their care.
Belrack spent the next few years working as an "Entertainer" within House Thuranni, busking on street corners outside the houses of powerful people, watching with a keen eye and reporting on the inhabitants, their pattern of life, and their dwellings. When his handler was satisfied with the information he had gathered he would be moved to another street corner, and usually within days a member of the last house would be dead, slain in the dead of night by unseen assailants, passing quietly in their sleep, or having a terrible accident. After 2 years of acting in the role of Informant Belrack asked his handler when he could get his hands dirty and was introduced into the ranks of proper Thuranni assassins. He was trained for months before being sent out after his first target, a local corrupt cop whom he dispatched easily, pickpocketing the man's feather fall token and pitching him from a precarious walkway.
Belrack would spend the next few years of his life working for Thuranni, primarily out of Sharn but also taking contracts in the Lhazaar Principalities and Karrnath. He was well suited for the cosmopolitan life of Sharn, as he could blend seamlessly into high society or among the commoners thanks to both his noble upbringing and his time as a street performer, and he could scramble across rooftops, through windows, and up towers, as if they were the massive trees of his jungle hunting grounds.
What was ultimately to be Belrack's final contract was an important one, Operation Silver Bulette.

Operation Silver Bulette

Belrack was contracted to take out a high ranking member of House Orien for House Lyrandar and given direct command of a team of Thuranni and Tharashk killers to assist in the task, with each member of his team given another target. He was also to work with a demolitions expert from a Zil aircraft manufacturer, Bobbo Sploderson, and a number of associated specialists.
The mission was to take place in Cyre, at a House Orien testing facility, Northwest of Metrol in an area now largely thought to be The Glowing Chasm. A number of their operatives infiltrated the facility beforehand as specialists gathering information about production and testing at the facility, while others were embedded in the work force to provide logistical support to the teams when they attacked. The goal was to destroy the Alpha-Priority project they had undertaken, supposedly some kind of massive high-speed subway craft that would have largely undercut House Lyrandar profits, as it was faster than their airships and able to travel undetected underground. Word was that the Cyrean army had also commissioned these vehicles to be outfitted with weaponry, elemental cruise missiles, capable of striking targets without being exposed and releasing any manner of payload far away from the initial firing location.
The mission began rather as planned, however it caught a snag when it as revealed that a vast number of the House Orien researchers and workers had their families living on site in dormitories due to the length of the project undertaken. Unintended collateral damage was high as the attack kicked off, prompting a number of members of the various teams to vow to leave their organizations in disgust afterwards. That never happened unfortunately… As the explosions from the sabotaged craft rocked through the facility the strike teams from Op Silver Bulette escaped to a disguised House Lyrandar airship which came as planned in the nick of time. They then air dropped into Eston in the thick of night, and using false papers and identification, booked passage on a Colonization craft that was on it's way to Sharn to supply before heading across the ocean to Xen'Drik.
The airship leisurely flew out of the area, unaware of who was really onboard, but as they were about to cross over the border into Aundair a white flash exploded behind them and a deep gray mist overtook their craft. The next thing they knew they had awoken on a bizarre remote island with no immediate memory of the incidents which led to that moment. The survivors banded together, surmising that they were meant to colonize this place based on the papers on their person and it was several months before their memories returned and they became aware of what had happened. It took even longer to contact their actual superiors, as they had somehow crashed on a largely uncharted island near the Frostfell, but when they finally did House Thuranni arranged a rescue effort to come for them.
Those who were originally members of Operation Silver Bulette left the island, which had at this point actually started to turn into thriving settlement, and returned to the mainland then splitting ways. Belrack left the service of House Thuranni, disgusted by some of the actions of his teammates and the revelation that he had been used as a corporate tool instead of protecting elven sovereignty like he had been told, and he returned to Sharn where he became a mercenary for hire for various criminal organizations taking jobs against the dragonmarked houses that nobody else would touch. Bobbo retired to Sharn as well, working out of the airship dockyards as a mechanic for his family company. The majority of the rest scattered as well after their return, as they learned that the explosion which crashed their ship was in fact The Mourning, and when they learned of the devastation they wanted to stay as far away from being associated with that as possible. Word is that the island which they landed on was mysteriously swallowed up by the sea shortly after they departed as well…
It's been four years since the mission and the Day of Mourning which followed, and members of Operation Silver Bulette have spread all over the world working in various capacities. Word has reached the party that their old team-mates may have their past catching up with them…

Other Players

Alpha Flight

Bella - Bobbo Sploderson - Gnome Alchemist
Bert - Unknown
Ian - Mal- Orc Druid (Gatekeepers)

Beta Bois

Fagan - Minotaur Warpriest
Devine - Strix Slayer (Meliodas)
Mercer - Artificer
Tobin - Bard

Kip Loburn
Sharn Tower Heist

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