Isla Mogrova Brelish Invasion Forces

Unit List
Brelish Rangers, Brelish Infantry, Brelish Cavalry
Brelish Marine Private, Brelish Marine Sergeant,
Heavy Shield-Wall Platoon - Requested by Centerleft
Psion Commandos led by Nevimelk, one section of Psions, one section of Mindblades
Siege Weapons

Total Troops: 1200 Troops total


Greatship; 500 complement, 20 Crew; Ram 6d6; Mounts 12 light and 4 heavy;
Dromond; 200 complement, 7 crew; Ram 4d6; Mounts 4 light, 2 heavy, ram;
Longship; 60 complement, 40 rowers; Ram 4d6; Mounts 2 light;

Brelish Fleet

Frigates are largely unarmed, focusing entirely on transportation ability. They have a swivel mounted heavy ballista, and that's it. Crew has slings and hand-axes to repel boarders.

Greatship Storm Bear

8x Light Ballistas: (3d8 120 ft. Range)
4x Catapults: (4d6 150ft. Range, 100ft. Minimum)

20 required Sailors, 16 Required Siege Engineers,
100 Sailors, 50 Siege Engineers,

Dromond 1 Wyvern Talon

Dromond 2 Golden Bull

Bloodsail's Ship (Dromond) Ram 4d6; Mounts 4 light, 2 heavy, ram;

Commander: Traven
50 Skeleton Sailors, 45x Bloodsail Corsairs, 20 Siege Engineers, 4x Ship-borne Light Ballistas

Longship 1 (Light Infantry Landing Transport)

(Landing Party)
4x Brelish Marine Sections (Brelish Marine Sgt and 9x Brelish Marine Ptes)
Brelish Marine Sergeant - Human or Half-Elf Fighter 4
Brelish Marine Private - Human or Half-Elf Fighter 1

Longship 2 (Siege Weapon Transport)

Siege weapons and Engineers. Artificers also onboard.

Longship 3 (Regular Infantry)

60 Medium Infantry

Longship 4 (Heavy Infantry and Archers)

Centerleft's Infantry Platoon, Outfitted in Mwk Splint-Mail, Sgt's in Full Plate. Armed with Heavy Metal Shields, Long Spears and Longswords. 3 sections, 30 men total.
Archers, 3 sections, longbows. Commander is a lvl 4 fighter, lvl 1 ranger, favored enemy (Monstrous Humanoid), fought in the Droaamish front.

Longship 5 (Cavalry and Psions)

Only one unit of cavalry, light cavalry, designed to use primarily as messengers on the island.
2 Sections of Psionic Commandos, the Skullminds, led by Nevimelk

Other Elements


Brelish Rangers will airdrop in the day before the attack. Consists of Three Sections of rangers.

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