Isla Mogrova Palace Treasury

There are seperate components to the Island Kingdom's Treasury; First of all there is the straight up cash. This can be donated by the player's different characters, given to the party as gifts or tribute, or it can be made by selling off the Magic Items produced on the Island in every income phase. It can also be made by converting build points to cash at a rate of 2,000gp/BP. The cash can be stored for future emergencies, purchasing magic items, or can be converted into build points at the rate of 4,000gp for a BP, in order for the kingdom to develop.
Second is Mundane Supplies; This can be rations and water stored for emergencies, weapons and armor for troops, or whatever other junk is laying around that the players wish to donate to the treasury. This can also be sold on the markets for half the market price if cash is needed, or it can be left in storage. This is usually acquired through the spoils of war, or adventuring rewards.
Third is Magic Items, which encompass any of the magic items bought by the Island's leadership. They are stored here until they wish to distribute them however desired.

Palace Stores


Gold Pieces: 1,000gp
Art Pieces or Valuable Objects:
Gemstones and Tradegoods:

Mundane Supplies

Magic Items

Army Stores

Item Quantity Note Price
+1 Psionbane Catapult 1 Called Psimash 10,000gp
Heavy Catapult 3x / ?
Mass Cannon 2x Comes with 4 Warforged Scout Crewmen each 20,000gp

History of Deposits/Withdrawals

Vult 998YK: 1,000gp earned from selling off Elixer of Sneaking and The Scrolls of Undetectable Alignment
Aryth 998YK:
Sypheros 998YK: War stock looted from the Lungtite invaders.

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