Island Heroes For Hire

List of Heroes for hire

Island has, at present, 6 Hero Points

Name Description Hero Point Cost
Bartholemew Pliskin Lute playing Bard, Human 1
Shino Lizardfolk Fighter, wears a huge set of full-plate mail and carries over sized weapons 2
Aria Female Kalashtar Monk/Psychic Warrior 2
Harquail Balcum Silver Flame Missionary, Cleric 1
Gino Molochai Warlock Eldritch Blaster 2
Meepo Melonson Half-Orc Commoner/Barbarian, Ex-Melon Vendor, uses improvised weapons, main weapon is a densewood Oar 1
Swanson Zilcher Zilargo Gnome, Rogue, Trapspringer 1
Reya Fairchild Barmaid Sorceress, Enchantment, Transmutation and Illusion 1
Amelie Whitetiger Druid Healer, Embodies the spirit of white tigers indigenous to her island in The Lhazaar Principalities, Does not believe anything other than humans exist. 2
Dextro Magrone Paladin who used to be with the Sharn Watch, left due to rampant corruption 1

John's Picks

Shino, Gino, Meepo, Dextro

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