Jurassic Park Z

Isla Mogrova Brelish Invasion Forces


Isla Mogrova Defenders - Tigrin, Yuan-ti, Thri-kreen
Dinosaur -
Animal -

Island Strongpoints

Ghoul Village
East Beach (Devilfish Beach)
Ruined Airship Tower - Jamming Station
Smuggler's Cove
Southeast Beach (Engineer Wreck) -
Naval Blockade - Destroyed
Wolfran Manor -

Battlefiend Events

These might happen to the PC's while attacking the island.
Roadway Ambush - It is possible that the party could stumble onto a mined road, with the roadside flanked by Panthorin Hunters waiting in ambush with Human Bane Arrows.
Psionic Jamming Station

Victory Points

Go In With the Rangers (Optional) (Up to 50 VP - Provide Intelligence)

The players can opt to jump in with the rangers on their airdrop. They can then go recce out the area with them unseen, and potentially move on to disrupting communications and clearing the east beach.

Break Naval Blockade (Optional Involvement 50 VP - Seize Maneuver Point)

This will be mainly the navy's bag, but players can attempt to get involved to minimize damage to their ships, thus increasing the amount of force to maneuver on the island.

Clear the East Beach (Mandatory) (70 VP - Seize Maneuver Point)

The party must clear the beach of opposition if the marines are to land unhindered and deploy siege weapons. Must then set up defenses to ensure that the island party does not lose communications with the navy.

Get Communications Up (Optional) (60 VP - Seize Intrinsic Point)

An advance party went in, but there is magical interference blocking their communications. Destroy the psionic anti-communications device at the Airship tower to get access to ranger recce and to allow Siege Weapon bombardment. Thri-kreen are manning the crystal device on the top floor of the airship tower.

Bring Siege Weapons to Center of Island (Optional) (50 VP - Seize Offensive Point)

This will allow the weapons to reach out and touch a wide range on the island, the convoy to the airship tower will take more than a few hours and must be protected at all costs.

Rescue Vadalis Beastmasters (Optional) (50 VP - Seize Offensive Point)

The Vadalis dinosaur breeders were taken hostage by Lungtai's forces. They are being held by Tigrin in the Vadalis holdings, which have been destroyed, the dinosaurs within run rampant. A Yuan-ti commander is emplaced here and has a dragonshard item which allows dominion over animals, including dinosaurs. In an heir of Vadalis' hand the item boosts dragonmark powers, allowing domination of many times the HD of the user. If the item is retrieved intact, Torion or one of the other beastmasters could rein in some dinosaurs for back-up.

Destroy Tigrin Camp in Ghoul Village (Optional) (30 VP, or 50 VP if captured supplies)

The Tigrin have smashed their way in the protective fence and set up a massive barracks in the village. There are enough supplies for several companies of Tigrin, unfortunately for them they uncovered some near dead ghouls and instigated a rebirth of undead in the area. They have patrols stationed to kill any undead seen in the area and their forces are diminished. There are still quite a number of supplies here and attacking this camp will disrupt their ability to maintain any kind of prolonged battle.

Take Cogs Weapons Lab Set-Up (50 VP, +20 VP if supplies are recovered and assembled)

This was wrecked by the occupying forces on the second day of set-up. There are some valuable components here, even some workable siege engines with a proper craft check to repair them. This is loosely guarded by Yuan-Ti with Dinosaur pets.

Take Wolfran Manor (Mandatory) (100 VP, +50 VP if hostages are rescued)

Wolfran Manor is being held by the Tigrin commander, a Leonin fighter. Panthorin roam the walls, and Yuan-ti lead Tigrin guard patrols. Thri-Kreen maintain psionic surveillance in three observation towers. The hostages are being held here, notable Daellin and the Vadalis head Beastmaster.

Killing Commanders (100 VP for each Commander, +50 each if captured alive)

There is a main commander for the Tigrin, the Thri-Kreen and the Yuan-ti. If players can kill all three they will receive 300VP

Bonus Points

These can be accomplished at any time, even before the invasion.
Provision of Intelligence: Scrying and Intelligence Gathering will net 10VP for every substantial useful bit of information gained
Arms and Armor: Outfitting troops with personal funds will net 1VP for every 50 gold spent out of pocket outfitting them. This includes potions, scrolls, food, weapons and armor. Siege Weapons can also be bought and donated to the cause for the same reward.
Assisting Friendly Troops: Worth 1 VP for every 10 soldiers helped; this could be healing, or providing a tactical withdrawl, or some meaningful buff.
Killing Enemy Troops: Every 10 troops dead by player hands is worth 1 VP.


Total Possible VP

Failure (30% or less of Possible VP, 300 or less)

Island is overrun, Brelish army drove off from overwhelming force or killed outright

Close Call (30 -50% of Possible VP, 300 - 500)

Island is taken, at a major loss to Brelish troops. Key commanders were lost.

Victory (50-75 % of Possible VP, 500-750)

Island is taken back, enemy is either killed or captured. Major success, most troops survived the experience and the island took little collateral damage in the process. Players will be awarded medals for valor in combat. Boranel welcomes Isla Mogrova to national sovereignty and pledges nominal support in the coming months.

Triumph (75% or more of Possible VP, 750+)

Outstanding victory, Breland proves a superior nation in all respects. Isla Mogrova is written about in military journals, the players are awarded honorary or real rank, decorated and declared legendary war heroes. Boranel awards the players personal, and powerful items, and welcomes Isla Mogrova into the national sovereignty of Breland with open arms. Breland pledges to give their full support to the island province, including nationally sponsored reconstruction efforts and a settlement push to populate the island with skilled workers.


Staff of Earth Shaping - Carried by the Siege Engineer Commander, Yuan-ti Warlock
Human Bane Arrows, Shortbows - Carried By Elite Squads of Panthorin Hunters
+2 Undead Bane Holy Heavy Mace - Wielded by the head Yuan-ti running the Supply Depot
Undead Bane Arrows - Wielded by Supply Depot Guards, also have one Animal Bane Arrow just in case
Blast Disk - In the Supply Depot in Ghoul Village, can also be recovered from mined roadways
Psionic Gear - At the Thri-Kreen Scrying/Communication jamming center on the Airship tower.
Bag of Boulders - ?
Blessed Bandage - Carried by Tigrin field medics
Cognizance Crystal - On Thri-Kreen Psi-Blades
Ioun Stone - On Thri-Kreen Psions
Shirt of the Leech - Steals healing, Thri-Kreen Commander Wears. Magic of Eberron, Daelkyr Item
Bloodspike - Tempo : Used in Manor, and on Thri-Kreen.

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