Kalazart was once one of the biggest trade centers in Cyre, a major crossroads of highway roads and the lightning rail. Merchants and traders came from all across Cyre to peddle their wares at the marketplace which sprang up around the lightning rail station at the heart of town. The town expanded in rings, the center ring being the great marketplace. Following the marketplace is a ring of warehouses, then a ring of wealthy merchant housing, and then the town denigrates into lower income housing and eventually a shany town around the outskirts.
The town's defenses are concentrated along the lightning rail and were manned by House Deneith and House Orien guardsmen. Unlike many towns during the last war, Kalazart did not invest in a town wall; due to the transient nature of the town it seemed a more viable option to instead focus on building towers at regular intervals, mainly along the lightning rail and roadways.

Since the Mourning, the town has scattered into ruin. Packs of ghouls, rumored to have been created when the mourning washed over the decadent merchant/nobles, run through the streets devouring anything they can get their hands on. Most buildings above two stories high have fallen to the ground, and the debris has made the already narrow winding streets, even more treacherous and confusing to navigate.

Source: Homebrew.

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