I am Kapek, formerly of the Redhorn tribe. My people lived in the southeast of the Talenta Plains, on the border of the Blade Desert, where they drove herds of threehorns and traded with the nearby people of Q'barra.

We fought in the Last War. Redhorn warriors helped defeat the forces of Cyre and their Valaes Tairn allies at the First Battle of the Talenta Plains in 929. Many of our young warriors took service as mercenaries later on in the armies of Aundair or Cyre.

But it was not war that brought doom upon the Redhorn tribe. In 997, a large force of Valenar raiders encountered the tribal camp and avid for plunder and "glory" they attacked. It was a long and bloody battle, in which the elves made no distinction between our mounted warriors and our women and children. Despite the odds, our warriors managed to hold on for long enough to allow some of the tribe to escape. They were taken in by friendly neighbouring tribes, but the Redhorn tribe had ceased to exist. I lost my father, three sisters and a brother in the battle, only my mother, my elder brother and an elder sister survived.

Afterwards I headed west, seeking employment as a mercenary soldier. My first job brought me to the city of Sharn, where I was kidnapped by the mysterious Blood of Vol. Rescued by scions of House Cannith, I find myself indebted to them along with my new comrades-in-arms; the warforged warrior-craftsman anvil, the boisterous fighting monk Loric, and the shifter berserker Ajax

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