Katerina Penchurst

An introduction by Katerina herself
Greeting everyone;
My name is Katerina Penchurst.
I was was born in the Shae Lias district of the City of Towers.
Both my parents died in the Last War whilst on active duty in the Brelish army, both were healers.
I soon realised that my family home and everything in it were the only source of income i had, and so piece by piece i had to sell everything.
I was still a young girl when i had no choice but to sell the house and move out onto the city streets.
As my skills developed i started making money as a healer but House Jorasco frowns on such unsanctioned activities, and i was hounded by them daily until i was forced into the lower wards where the coin does not flow as freely and there are fewer safe havens.
Eventually, for reasons i do not know, i was drawn into the gaze of the Amber Eye. At first they were good to me, but as time passed it became clear that they simply required my healing magics, although some of the other activities i was expected to do are not anything to be proud of.
When I was told that i could have my freedom, all debts paid i jumped at the chance. And that is why i was on the cart that night, taking a shipment through the stores, i am sure i was expected to die but thanks to my new found friends i am still here.
Thank you all.

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