(CN male gnome bard 5/expert 4)
A handsome, slender gnome with light skin and sharp features, Kessler often wears a beautiful suit of red and black glamerweave. A sporty black cap hides his short dark hair, and his beard and mustache are carefully trimmed and waxed. His deep blue eyes study everything around him and he laughs merrily.
Starting Attitude: Indifferent
Modifiers: Character is female (+2); character is a gnome (+1); character is a bard or other performer (–2)
Kessler is known across Breland and Zilargo for his razor wit and lyrical skill, performing solo or taking the staring role in performances staged by playhouses and theater groups. His satirical work The Battle of the Five Ducks—a comedy skewering the rulers of the Five Nations—is among the best-selling books of the last century. While his sharp words have earned him many enemies in high places, his charisma and quick wits have made him a fixture at gatherings of the elite and powerful. Kessler is a brilliant and insightful man, but he is completely fearless and will criticize anyone or anything. While he is remarkably intelligent, he is a consummate hedonist; in addition to fine food, wine, and music, he enjoys the company of women of all races and has recently become addicted to dreamlily. Kessler has no ties to any organization; he has been approached by the Trust (Zilargo’s secret order of spies and assassins) on many occasions, but he has an independent mind and has no interest in chaining himself to a higher power.
Adventure Idea: Adventurers often perform questionable actions. Perhaps a party accidentally desecrates a shrine, is caught breaking into the house of a noble, or otherwise has fate turn against them. The consequences aren’t that serious—until Kessler seizes on the subject for his latest satire, a work examining the danger presented by adventurers. Suddenly the party is the laughingstock of Sharn. Former associates don’t want to be seen with them, merchants raise their prices, and it’s only a matter of time before word of Kessler’s new act spreads across Breland and into the other nations. Can the party find a way to straighten things out with the gnome?

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