(N female elf magewright 18)
The master magewright of The Augury is a 334- year-old elf named Kestia. A child of House Phiarlan, Kestia was expelled from the house after she developed an aberrant dragonmark. However, her mystical powers exceed even the wizards of the Esoteric Order of Aureon. She can contact other plane and imbue with spell ability, allowing her to sell the power to cast a particular spell (albeit once). Her other talents include permanency, sending, and false vision; she occasionally sells permanent alarms, and she herself has permanent arcane sight and tongues.
As it sells sending, locate, and alarm spells, The Augury cuts into the profits of a number of the dragonmarked houses, notably Tharashk, Sivis, and Kundarak. Some believe that Kestia uses blackmail to protect herself from the retribution of the houses, while others say that she appeases the houses with a share of her profits. She has refused to join the Esoteric Order of Aureon or the Guild of Starlight and Shadows, preferring to remain independent.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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