Player: Caleb

Str:15 +2 HP:70 / 70
Dex:16 +3 AC:23 Flatfooted:19 Touch:13
Con:15 +2 Init:+7
Int:10 +0 Fort:+7
Wis:17 +3 (+4) Ref:+8
Cha:19 +4 Will:+8 (9)
Race:Jungle Halfelf Class:Favoured Soul 7
Base Attack:+5 Align: NG
Base Melee:+7 Diety: Corellon larthian
Base Ranged:+6 XP:20,794 (last update "Session 37"
Attacks: Dmg Crit Rang
MWK Longsword +9 D8+2 19-20X2 N/A
+1 SIlver Heavy Flail +8 D10+4 19-20x2 N/A
Harpoon +6 D10 +2 20X3 30
+1 Spear of Returning +7 D8 +2 x3 20
Feats: Weapon Focus: Longsword, Improved Initiative, Subduing Strike, Leadership, Nymphs Kiss(Flaw) Augment Healing (Flaw)
Flaws: Shaky, Inattentive
**Skills* Rank Mod Total
Bluff 0 5 5
Craft 0 0 0
Diplomacy 9 4+2 15
Heal 6 3 (4) 9 (10)
Jump 0 2 2
Knowledge Arcana 1 0 1
Proffesion: Lumberjack 0 3 (4) 3 (4)
Sense Motive 9 3(4)+2 14 (15)
Spellcraft 0 0 0

Numbers in () indicate values that are enhanced by magic items

Level Zero (DC 14) 6/6 : Create Water, Cure Minor, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Guidance, Light
Level One (DC 15) 7/7 : Light of Lunia, Lesser Vigor, Summon Monster 1, Cure Light, Omen of Peril, Ebon Eyes
Level Two (DC 16} 4/4 : Cure Moderate, Spiritual Weapon, Light of Mercuria, Lesser Restoration
Level Three (DC 17): Prayer, Mass Lesser Vigor, Energy Vortex


MWK Longsword, +1 Silver Heavy Flail, Light Steel Shield +1, Heavy Steel Shield+1, Bone Harpoon, Spear of Returning+1, Breastplate +2, Backpack, Bedroll, 10'Chain. Crowbar, Grapple Bullseye Lantern, Oil x9, Manacles, Ink, Inkpen, Paper x5, Light Horse, Military Saddle, Saddlebags: Potions of Cure Light Wounds x4, Gray Bag of Tricks, Potion of Cure Moderate x1, Ivory Jade Flute, Acorns x6?? Wand 0f Cure Light (13 charges), Cloak of Tyr, Handy Sack, Wand of cure serious (? charges). Wand of inflict moderate (? charges), everful rations, scroll of cure moderate, scrol of hold person, Zephyr of +2 Wis, disguise kit,
Total Weight:

Level One (11/25 total)
Keefe Beals
Janina Dickinson
Nicodemus Bell
Adriana Cox
Saranna Leach
Alicia Dunkle
Carley Gist
Sigmund Brinigh
Winifred Armstrong

Level Two (1/2 total)
Drake Ironleggs

Level Three (1/1 total)


Appearance & Attitude:Kimugi is small for a half elf, standing only 4'7 and weighing in at a slight 110 pounds.
She is often teased about her size, and is quite sensitive about the subject. She has dark green eyes and long, black hair which contrasts greatly against the pale colour of her skin.
Kimugi is not what one would call a people person. She has decided that all people live to lie, so she is always looking for falsehoods in what people tell her. This manner of second guessing people makes her a hard person to get close to, but once in her circle of trust, most people tend to stay there.She tends toget distracted rather easily, taking long walks through the woods and not really noticibng anything, losing track of time and place. She also has a hard time sitting still, as she much rathers to keep moving than to sit idle.

Eberron History
Forgotten Realms History:
Her family lived on the border of the jungle, where they farmed potatoes. Tired of a diet that consisted of mainly potatoes, Kimugi decided one day to venture out into the jungle in search of more exotic food.After an unsuccessful hunting trip, she returned home to discover that while she was gone, her home had been ransacked by a small force of gnolls.Her heart sank as she watched her home burn, and, with no where else to turn, she prayed to her mothers god, Corellan Larthian. Her prayers answered, she ventured to her now burning home and killed all the gnolls present. But even after the gnolls had all been defeated, she still pained for the loss of her parents. Her Human father, Bruce, and her Elven mother, Silaqui, were the only family she had known.The only other people she had ever been in contact with were the occasional Potatoe merchants.So she waited, and tried to keep the crops up, untill the next potato merchant came along.
The merchant took her in as his assistant, but mistreated her badly, for all he saw in the little halfelf girl was another way to make profit. Kimugi discovered his plans for her on the way to their first stop, and quietly snuck away during the night. After a week of hard travel, fueled only by the potatoes she had stolen form the merchant, she finaly reached the village of Hollowsky, where she worked as a lumberjack. Shortly after her arrival, the potato merchant arrived in town, to ply his trade. His body was discovered the next morning in town square. Nobody knows how he died.

Goals: Find the Water Monster
Find Gnolls responsible for parents death
To be a good parent
Buy Lucky Monkey

Found In: Chapter 2 - Present

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