District Type: Finance district
Buildings: Banks (5), moneychangers (30), temple (Kol Korran), upscale food (40), exotic trades (24), upscale trades (100), upscale residences (80)
First Impression: There doesn’t seem to be anyone here who is not wealthy, and the whole district seems to be set up as a shrine to money itself. Every shop sells only the finest goods, each huge house is impeccably maintained, and the sound of money changing hands fills the air. Even the guards—who are everywhere—seem well off.
Social Class: Upper class
Location: Sharn, Upper Central Plateau

Korranath, one of Sharn’s twin financial districts, is also the seat of the Aurum’s power in the city. Named for the great temple of Kol Korran that lies at its heart, Korranath is utterly dedicated to the darker side of the god of wealth—the pursuit of wealth at any cost.

Places of Interest

Kundarak Bank of Sharn: The Kundarak bank, operated by the dwarven dragonmarked House Kundarak, is the largest and most important bank in Sharn.

The Korranath: The grand temple of Kol Korran is one of the most incredibly ostentatious and elaborate structures in Sharn. Surrounded by a grand colonnade, the interior of the temple rises in a grand dome a hundred feet across covered with gold leaf and studded with precious gems. The tiles in the mosaic floor are made of precious stones as well, and all the sacral objects inside the temple are solid gold. Sightseers and pilgrims regularly crowd the Korranath, milling under the watchful eye of the temple soldiers employed to protect the fabulous wealth inside.
The high priest of the Korranath, appointed by the mayor on an annual basis, is rarely a cleric though he carries out rote ceremonial functions. The current high priest, Kalphan Riak, is a leader of the Aurum. See Riak Mansion, below, for more information.

Riak Mansion: Kalphan Riak (NE male human expert 5/sorcerer 5) is an example of Khorvaire’s new breed of nobility. Not descended from a noble family or a dragonmarked house, Riak made his fortune in the arms trade during the Last War, putting his business savvy and his innate magical ability together to make enormous profit through sometimes unscrupulous deals. His tremendous wealth has earned him a mansion at the top of Andith Tower (just on the edge of Mithral Tower), with open pavilions, sprawling quarters, and even a small garden growing on the towertop. Riak has investments throughout the city and controlling interests in six of Sharn’s ten banks. Perhaps more importantly, he is a member of the Aurum’s Platinum Concord, and conspires with his fellow Aurum members to ensure maximum profitability for their business ventures while inserting their fingers into every possible aspect of commerce in Sharn and greater Breland.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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