Korth (Metropolis, 85,500): The city of Korth has served as Karrnath’s capital since before the days of the kingdom of Galifar. Some of its buildings date back to the earliest human settlements; many others were built during the great expansion that marked the middle period of Galifar I’s reign. The Korth skyline rises along the southern shore of the Karrn River, with the dense Nightwood to the east of the city gates. The high walls of Crownhome, the hereditary home of Karrnath’s royal family, rise atop King’s Hill in the Highcourt Ward of the city. Another prominent structure, the Cathedral of the Sovereign Host, fills a sizable piece of real estate in the Temple Ward and has shrines dedicated to the entire pantheon.
In general, the style of the city is heavy and symmetrical, with blocks set forth in a grid or radiating out from
a central plaza. It almost appears as a dim gray graveyard, with the buildings jutting up like sombre tombstones. The militaristic influence that infuses all of Karrnath society permeates Korth and helps define the monolithic appearance of the buildings and decorative features such as monuments, obelisks, and tombs.
Five wards make up greater Korth, and each ward has its own personality. These wards are named Highcourt, Temple, Commerce, Community, and Low District. While each ward consists of living space, markets, and other city necessities, each concentrates on an aspect of city life and is built to accommodate that aspect.

Highcourt Ward

The Highcourt Ward houses most of the government departments, as well as the halls of the royal family and some of the more affluent noble families. King Kaius 3 makes his bed here in Crownhome the royal estate.

Temple Ward

The Temple Ward features winding streets dedicated to the many religions of Khorvaire; everything from small shrines to giant cathedrals can be found here, and some representative of even the most obscure cult probably finds a location to preach from within the walls of this ward.
Cathedral of the Sovereign Host is within the temple ward.

Commerce Ward

The Commerce Ward presents businesses of all types and provides space for the enclaves of all the dragonmarked houses; supply and demand come together inside this sprawling ward.

Community Ward

The Community Ward is the most residential ward in Korth, providing housing for the middle class.

Low District

The Low District is a dangerous maze of narrow streets from which the poor and the destitute attempt to eke out an existence. The criminal element has a firm hold on the Low District, using its twisting warrens as a hiding place and somewhere from which to conduct business best done in the shadows.

The majority of the book The Darkwood Mask takes place here in Korth.

Areas of Interest

Cathedral of the Sovereign Host
Arkenen Glass - A renowned glassworks factory.

People of Interest

King Kaius 3

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