Kundarak Bank Of Sharn

Kundarak holds more loans than the other nine banks in the city combined, including many loans supporting key building projects, past and present. From its perch at the top of Kundarak Tower, the bank wields a great deal of behind-the scenes influence over every part of politics in Sharn.
The Vaults: The lowest levels of the Kundarak Bank are known as the Vaults, and are almost a separate business entity from the bank proper. House Kundarak offers storage space for small-to-medium sized items of great value with the highest possible security, at a cost of 15 gp per month (which includes insurance against theft). These are for long-term storage, not for short-term like the safe-deposit vaults described in the EBERRON Campaign Setting, and thus can’t be collected magically from other sites.

Daphanë d’Kundarak (N female dwarf expert 7/ dragonmark heir 4) is the leader of the Kundarak Enclave in Sharn and the president of the bank. She divides her time between the house enclave in Dragon Towers (in Middle Central) and the bank, but favors the bank.

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