Lamannia, The Twilight Forest

Lamannia, the Twilight Forest, is a realm of raw and wild nature unbounded, untouched by civilization. Despite the plane’s name, the forests that stretch in all directions are not its only terrain feature—majestic mountains, wide grasslands, sultry swamps, rolling hills, and even deserts and tundras make up the vibrant biosphere of Lamannia.
All kinds of plants, animals, magical beasts, and bestial outsiders are found in the Twilight Forest, as well as air, earth, and water elementals. Lycanthropes, too—rare on Eberron—are common in Lamannia, since many fled to this plane during the crusade that nearly exterminated them from Khorvaire.

Lamannia has the following trait:
• Enhanced magic: Druid spells are extended.

Lamannia Inhabitants: Achaierai, animals (all), arrowhawk (all), belker, celestial animals, bebilith (demon), hellcat (devil), air elemental (all), earth elemental (all), water elemental (all), fiendish animals, djinni (genie), avoral (guardinal), leonal (guardinal), hellwasp swarm, invisible stalker, lycanthropes (all), air mephit, dust mephit, earth mephit, ooze mephit, salt mephit, water mephit, nightmare, thoqqua, tojanida (all), vermin (all), xorn (all), yeth hound, dao (genie), marid (genie), ooze paraelemental (all), smoke paraelemental (all), Avalancher, battlebriar, dust wight,
gulgar, wood woad, woodling creatures.

Coterminous: When Lamannia is coterminous to the Material Plane, the power of nature grows. In regions of unspoiled nature (particularly the Eldeen Reaches), plants grow more verdant and animals breed more prolifically. Summon nature’s ally spells are extended throughout the Material Plane.
Lamannia is coterminous for a period of one week every twelve months.

Remote: When Lamannia is remote from the Material Plane, nature’s power diminishes. Animals have small litters, and plants—even cultivated crops—grow poorly. Summon nature’s ally spells are impeded during this time. Lamannia is remote for a period of one week every twelve months, exactly six months after each coterminous phase.

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