Lan Hazal


This tall Karrn is lean and weathered, but he has a strong presence. His voice is deep and resonant, and it is hard not to listen to his words. Despite his short, iron-gray hair, he is still in the prime of his life; his gray eyes are sharp and clear, and his pride and confidence are visible in his bearing. He wears a beautiful black clock trimmed with purple silk over a well-tailored outfit of black and gray.

Lan is a charismatic and wealthy man, and he is very careful to conceal his impressive mystical powers from the world at large. Unless there is no other alternative, he only performs magic in the depths of the temple. He takes the use of magic very seriously, and rarely uses spells even to help his parishioners. He believes that people should be able to solve their own problems, and while he offers spiritual advice and even financial assistance to other members of the community, he only uses magic for the most serious situations.
Lan is not an evil man, and he does not always approve of the actions of the Order of the Emerald Claw. However, he feels that it is not his place to question the undead champions of Vol. He has an astonishing gift for enchantment, and he spends much of his time producing magic items and weapons for Lady Tarra’az.
His other primary interest is extending his family library. Lan has invested a fortune to recover scrolls and texts from Xen’drik, seeking more information about the origin of the first vampires. He might hire a party to locate a tome on his behalf, or cross paths with a character who has accidentally acquired a book he needs; alternately, the party might need a rare book that can only be found in the Hazal library.

Starting Attitude: Unfriendly to most; Indifferent to Karrns; Friendly to followers of the Blood of Vol.
Modifiers: Party includes a sentient undead creature (+5); Party includes a cleric or adept of the Blood of Vol (+2), party includes a cleric or adept of any religion aside from the Blood of Vol (–4); party includes a character with ties to any branch of the Sharn Watch (–4).
If Hostile: Aggressively demands that the characters leave; calls on household guards to escort them out. Does not use magic unless he is attacked first.
If Unfriendly: Politely but firmly refuses to listen to characters and requests that they leave; suggests that they return some time when he is “not so busy.”
If Indifferent: Listens to what the characters have to say, then requests that they leave. May consider what has been said or ignore it.
If Friendly: Listens carefully. Attempts to provide spiritual advice and guidance. May provide minor financial assistance, though he expects to be repaid.
If Helpful: Listens carefully. May offer magical assistance in addition to spiritual guidance. Offers to use personal resources to help.

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