Young Bronze Dragon
Raised by Tiazair Ythista after he was seemingly abandoned by his own Draconic parents.
The young bronze is usually either in his dragon form sleeping on the floor of the shop or flipping through a book, or he is in his alternate form helping sort through the items in the store. Occasionally he goes out to fly over the mountain or practice his burgeoning magic. This usually causes Tiazair some worry, as there are larger and quite more vicious Chromatic dragons roaming the area, but he knows the Bronze has to do his own thing.
Levikentiss's preferred alternate humanoid form is that of a red-haired young male elf, somewhat similar to his adoptive father. In his Elf form, in which he prefers to be called Levi, he likes to stroll through Dryad park to speak with and feed the small animals within. Occasionally he likes to turn into a red squirrel or fox as well.

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