Libris Mortis Feats
General Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Corpsecrafter Undead gain +4 Str and +2 hp per Hit Die
Bolster Resistance Corpsecrafter Undead gain +4 turn resistance
Deadly Chill Corpsecrafter Undead deal +1d6 cold damage on melee attacks
Destruction Retribution Corpsecrafter Undead deal negative energy damage when killed
Hardened Flesh Corpsecrafter Undead gain +2 natural armor
Nimble Bones Corpsecrafter Undead gain +4 to initiative and +10 ft./round.
Daunting Presence Cha 13, base attack bonus +1 Overawe enemy to make it shaken
Enduring Life Ignore penalties from negative levels
Lasting Life Endurance, Enduring Life Purge negative levels with Will saves
Empower Turning Ability to turn or rebuke undead Can turn more undead
Ghost Scarred Knowledge (religion) 8 ranks +2 on attacks, damage, saves against incorporeal undead
Graft Flesh Heal 10 ranks You can apply grafts of a certain type
Heighten Turning Cha 13, Extra Turning Can turn more powerful undead
Improved Toughness Base Fortitude save bonus +2 Gain hp equal to your current HD
Mother Cyst Caster level 1st, Knowledge (religion), 2 ranks Internal undead cyst allows access to special spells
Necromantic Presence Undead in your presence gain +4 turn resistance
Necromantic Might Necromantic Presence Undead in your presence gain +2 on attack rolls and damage rolls
Necropotent Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, Weapon Specialization with selected weapon, fighter level 4th +4 damage with selected weapon against undead
Quicken Turning Ability to turn or rebuke undead Can turn undead as a free action
Requiem Bardic music, Perform (any) 8 ranks Bardic music affects undead
Stitched Flesh Familiar Ability to acquire a new familiar, ability to cast three or more necromancy spells Familiar gains undead qualities, and you can control 4 extra HD of undead
Tomb-Tainted Soul Nongood Heal with negative energy as an undead creature
Tomb-Born Fortitude Nongood, Tomb-Tainted Soul 25% crit resistance, no massive damage risk
Tomb-Born Resilience Nongood, Tomb-Tainted Soul +2 on saves vs. mental influence, poison, disease
Tomb-Born Vitality Nongood, Tomb-Tainted Soul Forego sleep, immunity to magic sleep effects
Undead Leadership Character level 6th, nongood, Knowledge (religion) 1 rank Attract undead followers and cohort
Unquenchable Flame of Life +2 bonus on saves against undead attacks
Vampire Hunter Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks Detect vampires, immunity to dominating gaze
Divine Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Divine Accuracy Ability to turn or rebuke undead Ignore miss chance for incorporealness
Profane Lifeleech Ability to rebuke undead Steal 1d6 hp from nearby creatures
Profane Vigor Cha 11, ability to rebuke undead Grant 1d8 hp to nearby undead allies
Sacred Vengeance Ability to turn or rebuke undead +2d6 on melee attacks against undead
Sacred Vitality Ability to turn undead Gain immunity to ability damage, ability drain, and energy drain
Spurn Death’s Touch Ability to turn undead Heal ability damage, paralysis, negative level
Metamagic Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Energize Spell Nonevil, no ability to rebuke undead Deal 50% extra damage to undead
Enervate Spell Nongood, no ability to turn undead Deal 50% extra damage to living creatures
Fell Animate Creatures slain by the spell rise as zombies
Fell Drain Creatures hurt by the spell gain a negative level
Fell Frighten Creatures damaged by the spell are also shaken
Fell Weaken Creatures damaged by the spell also take –4 Str
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