Lightning Rail

Lightning Rail Passenger Cart: The lightning
rail runs along lines of conductor stones built between
certain set destinations. The rail cannot go anywhere
else; a cart taken off the line simply falls to the ground,
inert. House Orien runs a regular schedule, departing
from most stations once per day and from major
stations more frequently. Almost all passengers on the
lightning rail are fare passengers, paying a set amount
for their trip. Three classes of travel are available,
depending on your budget.
By booking standard passage on the lightning rail,
you are entitled to a seat in any standard passenger cart.
Seating is not assigned, and can be switched en route
should the spirit move you. Modest meals are provided
in the galley cart and fancier fare is available for additional
cost. At night, you are assigned a bunk in one
of the sleeper carts. While not terribly comfortable,
traveling standard class is generally a good way to relax
while getting to your destination. Each day of standard
fare travel counts as one day of full bed rest for the purpose
of natural healing (assuming no stressful activity
takes place to interrupt your relaxation).
First-class lightning rail passengers enjoy the most
luxurious ground travel available, and are treated
to plush couches in their passenger carts and feather
beds in their sleeper carts. The most exquisite foods
and wines are available upon request, as are a selection
of books to read and a healer from House Jorasco to
provide long-term care. Security in fi rst-class carts is
tight, and unticketed passengers are simply not permitted
to ruin the atmosphere of luxury with their presence.
Each day of fi rst-class fare travel counts as one
day of full bed rest for the purpose of natural healing
(assuming no stressful activity takes place to interrupt
your relaxation). With the aid of the resident healer, you
can regain 4 hp per character level per day riding the
lightning rail fi rst-class.
The less fortunate (or those simply looking to save
a few coins) can travel steerage class. A steerage cart has
bench seating for as many passengers as can cram into
it—up to two hundred per cart. They do not have access
to either sleeper bunks or meal service; passengers are
expected to sleep in their seats and bring their own
rations. Still, the price is diffi cult to beat.
House Orien also maintains a number of lightning
rail carts available to be chartered. These unused
carts are stored at major stations across the Five
Nations, and can be linked up to the next lightning
rail coach on only a few hours’ notice. The carts are
fairly confi gurable and can carry passengers, cargo,
or a mix of both. Meal service is not provided to
chartered carts as part of the charter fee, but can be
purchased separately.
While standard carts are designed to carry either
passengers or cargo (but not both), a privately owned
cart can be confi gured however the owner wishes. Most
are built so that one-third of the cart carries cargo,
while the rest of the cart is maintained with passengers in mind. The given price for owning a lightning
rail cart is for a standard cart (see page 18). Different
layouts are possible, but might increase the price.
Lightning Rail Crew Cart: A lightning rail crew
cart houses the coach’s crew and the primary elemental
chamber that powers the coach. Crew carts are usually
only chartered when a destination is not one often
serviced by House Orien. Customers chartering a crew
cart also get one additional cart (passenger, cargo, or
custom) for the given fee; chartering additional carts
costs extra.
Purchasing your own lightning rail crew cart is
very expensive, but it can be done. The lines of conductor
stones needed to run the crew cart are maintained by
House Orien and you must obtain their permission
before your cart can make use of them. Keeping your
cart stored at an Orien facility also requires a rental fee.
The crew cart does not include a set of lightning reins, which
must be purchased separately if needed. Most people
fi nd it far more convenient (and less expensive) to leave
the crew carts to House Orien and simply purchase a
private cart (see above). However, for certain lightning
rail destinations—including the Mournland—owning
your own crew cart is the only option.

Point to Point Lightning Rail Distances

Western Line

Station Distance from Sharn Time From Sharn Distance From Previous Stop Time From Previous Stop
Breland Stations
Wroat 212 miles 7 hr. 212 miles (Sharn) 7 hr.
Hatheril 947 miles 1 day 7.5 hr. 735 miles (Wroat) 1 day 0.5 hr.
Sword Keep 1,131 miles 1 day 13.75 hr. 184 miles (Hatheril) 6.25 hr.
Starilaskur 1,219 miles 1 day 16.5 hr. 1,007 miles (Wroat) 1 day 9.5 hr.
Sterngate 1,615 miles 2 days 6 hr. 396 miles (Starilaskur) 13.25 hr.
Vathirond 1,534 miles 2 days 3 hr. 315 miles (Starilaskur) 10.5 hr.
Thrane Stations

Aruldusk 1,876 miles 2 days 14.5 hr. 342 miles (Vathirond) 11.5 hr.
Sigilstar 2,040 miles 2 days 20 hr. 164 miles (Aruldusk) 5.5 hr.
Flamekeep 2,510 miles 3 days 11.75 hr. 470 miles (Sigilstar) 15.75 hr.
Thaliost 2,874 miles 3 days 23.75 hr. 620 miles (Fairhaven) 20.75 hr.
Aundair Stations
Marketplace 1,462 miles 2 days 0.75 hr. 331 miles (Sword Keep) 11 hr.
Passage 1,793 miles 2 days 11.75 hr. 322 miles (Marketplace) 10.75 hr.
Fairhaven 2,254 miles 3 days 3.25 hr. 461 miles (Passage) 15.5 hr.
Zilargo Stations
Zolanberg 1,875 miles 2 days 14.5 hr. 260 miles (Sterngate) 8.75 hr.
Korranberg 2,146 miles 2 days 23.5 hr. 271 miles (Zolanberg) 9 hr.
Mournland Stations
Eston* 2,164 miles 3 days 0.25 hr. 630 miles (Vathirond) 21 hr.
Metrol* 2,244 miles 3 days 2.75 hr. 710 miles (Vathirond) 23.75 hr.

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