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Goblins Comic - A very funny D&D based comic from the eyes of Goblins.


Crystal Keep - Indexes of rules, spells, monsters, feats, equipment and so on.
D20 SRD - Collection of all D&D official Open Game Content
D&D Wiki
Eberron Wiki - Well done Eberron Community Wiki
Iron Wolves - An Eberron Campaign played bi-weekly online. Has some neat features, and transcripts are a good read.
Zyanya Campaign World - Another online D&D campaign, some good work has gone into it.
Chaos Wasteland - Excellent collection of RPG book torrents, everything from D&D to WOD and Warhammer.
Flickr - Good image hosting site, compatible with wikidot, up to 200 free picture hosts per account.
Nights of Cauldron - Another D&D wiki detailing a game set in the Forgotten realms, mainly in the city of Cauldron. The players are going through The Shackled City campaign.

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