List Of Hero Tasks

When a hero undertakes a task, his successs, or degree of success, will be determined by a roll or series of rolls. This will play out something similar to the Facebook Application D&D Adventures. Some tasks will be determined by one roll, others will take place over a series of rolls with different challenges arising.

Example Task; Explore a Cave (Short-Medium Length)

  1. Combat Encounter: Attacked by Ghouls guarding cave, resolved with an Attack Roll DC 15; Win = 100xp and Pass, Fail = 50xp, pass but lose 8 hp, fort save DC 14 or get Ghoul Fever
  2. Strength Check: A large boulder blocks a side passage, Strength Roll DC 18; Win = 100xp, Minor Treasure, Fail = Nothing
  3. Skill Challenge: Swim Check DC 15 to get across underground river; Win = Pass through, Fail = Pass through but lose 5hp from bashing into rocks.
  4. Boss Battle: Large Cave Bear, play out an actual battle; Win = 500xp, Minor Treasure and Cave Bear Pelt and Trophy, Loyalty +1 for 2 months, Fail = Escape barely alive, -1 loyalty, 200xp; Do a Stabilization check DC 20, Win = reduced to 1 hp and return home, Fail = Return Home with injury and Ability Loss, Fail by 5 or more = Death

Example Task; Patrol Cliffton (Short Monthly Task)

Skill Challenge: Spot Check
Combat Encounter: If Pass Spot Check, fight a group of small time Thieves. 4 Thieves, Attack Roll DC 12, 10 HP each; Each Thief has an Attack of +6 and deals 1d4 damage on each hit.

Task Description Type of Rolls
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