Little Plains

District Type: Halfling encampment
Buildings: Council hall, temple (Boldrei), shrine (Balinor), average lodging (2), average food (37), average trades (60), average services (40), average residences (200)
First Impression: The towers here appear inside-out: instead of open central spaces surrounded by buildings attached to the outside of a tower, streets run around the outsides of the towers, giving access to very low doorways leading to cavelike interiors. Halflings seem to negotiate these outside ledges with ease, and so do the dinosaurs many of them ride. Great winged reptiles soar between towers, many with halfling riders on their backs.
Social Class: Middle class

Little Plains is not the only halfling neighborhood in Sharn, but it is the only district almost entirely inhabited by halflings and the only significant concentration west of the Mournland of halfling immigrants from the Talenta Plains. Even the architecture suggests the maintenance of these halflings' traditional ways, since the towers resemble the city of Gatherhold in Talenta. More urbanized halflings live in Little Plains as well, as do some few members of other races (primarily gnomes and some kobolds).

Source: Sharn:City of Towers

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