This section will be divided by Continent, into Nation, Areas of Interest, and Settlements


The main continent where the campaign begins, home of the Five Nations and most civilized nations of the world.

The Five Nations


Rural and Magical Nation
Arcanix - Village directly below the Floating Towers of Arcanix
Fairhaven - Capital of Aundair
Stormhome - Island home of House Lyrandar, Neutral Territory
Passage - City with large House Orien Enclave and Lightning Rail Station
Lathleer - City on Thrane Border.
Ghalt - Town west of The Crying Fields.
Areksul - Small Village
Askelios - Village near the Starpeaks.
Bluevine - Village
Marketplace - Village on Breland border
Larunor - Village
Wyr - Village near The Ghanthwood
Windshire - Thorp near The Duskwood
Kerkulin - Thorp near Scion Sound

Areas of Interest
Floating Towers of Arcanix - Wizard Academy
Fairhold - The Royal Seat of Power, in Fairhaven.
The Crying Fields - Site of numerous battles between Thrane and Aundair.
Starpeaks Observatory - High in the Starpeaks mountain chain, used by Arcane Congress
University of Wyarn
Whisper Rock - Ruin of Unknown Origin deep in the Whisper Woods.
The Duskwood
The Gray Wood - Northern Forest near Stormhome
The Ghanthwood
The Eldritch Groves - Southern Forest
Wrogar Keep
Vanguard Keep
Tower Valiant
Tower Vigilant

Breland - Industrial Democratic Nation

Sharn -
Wroat - Large City, Capital of Breland
First Tower - Hamlet, Gateway to Sharn

Cyre now the Mournland

Karrnath - Necromantic focused grim militaristic society

Korth - Capital of Karrnath
Karrlakton - Near the mournland
Rekkenmark - Home of Rekkenmark Acadamy
Atur - The city of Night, has a temple to the Blood of Vol within.

Thrane - Theocracy dedicated to Silver Flame

Other Nations of Khorvaire


Home Nation of Goblinoids
Rhukaan Draal: Capital city, major trading hub.
Gorgonhorn: Mournland bordertown
Olkhaan: Small hamlet south of Skullreave
Skullreave: Village near Gorgonhorn
Volaar Draal: Stronghold of the Kech Volaar clan, is hidden deep beneath the peaks and crags of the Seawall Mountains.
Wyvernskull: A port town at the mouth of the Torlaac River.
Zarrthec: Village on Valenar border

Areas of Interest
Lyrenton: Old Cyran bordertown, cursed by the Mourning and diseased
Warden Keep: Deneith Prison, now believed haunted by Cyran soldiers who starved under siege
The Gathering Stone: Place for all tribes to meet and hold council
The Torlaac Moor: Swamplands which contain many Dhakaani artifacts
The Khraal Rain Forest: Dangerous forest, thought to have important Dhakaani ruins
The Seven Caves: Legendary caves said to reveal the Draconic Prophecy to those brave enough

The Demon Wastes - Barbarians, Orcs and Abominations

Droaam - Monsterous Nation

The Eldeen Reaches - Untouched Wilderness, home of shifter sand rangers

Lhazaar Principalities - Pirate Archipelago nation of NE coast


The Mror Holds - Dwarven Mountain Nation

Q'barra - Savage human frontier, Lizardfolk

The Shadow Marches - Swampland home of Orcs

The Talenta Plains - Land of Halflings and Dinosaurs

Valenar - Land of Brutal mounted elves

Zilargo - Land of Gnomes, Great libraries universities legend and lore.

Aerenal - Homeland of Dead-Worshipping Elves


The Shattered Land, the ancient home of Giants, Drow and ruins.


Land of Dragons


Original land of the humans, now homeland of the Inspired and Kalashtar.


Thronehold - A neutral meeting place for the nations of Khorvaire, once the seat of power for Galifar.


Isla Mogrova - A small island provice, once known as Wolfran Island, now a Brelish vassal ruled over by members of the Sons of Siberys.

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