Leaving rogues to stealthily pick locks, wizards, sorcerers and alchemists have a more direct route through locked doors. The lockbuster is a rectangular block of alchemical explosives with a fuse that can be sent to ignite within 1 to 10 rounds. The lockbuster may make a Strength check to break through a locked portal, as if it had Strength 30. Any living target within the area of effect must make an opposed Strength check or be knocked prone, as well as suffering the listed damage.
Lockbuster: 250 gp; Dmg 4d6; Blast 5 ft.; Range 2 ft.; 10 lb.

Similar to a lockbuster, the knockerbomb is built within a small reinforced barrel that shapes the blast of the explosive, guaranteeing even better results against locked portals. It has an effective Strength 50 and in every other way acts as a lockbuster.
Knockerbomb: 500 gp; Dmg 6d6; Blast 5 ft.; Range -; 20 lb.

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