Locked Wooden Chest From Silver Flame Command Tent

This is the chest which stores all of the necessary components for summoning beings from another plane, Landas and his group used it to summon Archons. To open the chest they must use a key found on Landas' body, the key has been melted and warped a bit by the lightning bolt. Players can use a mending spell to fix the key, hammer it into shape with a craft check dc 20 or whatever else they come up with. If they need to open the chest by other means, they will trigger a trap, which deals 2d8 damage to the character opening or smashing the chest, Reflex DC 18 for half. A proper search check, DC 20, will find the runes indicating the trap, and either a dispel magic, or disable device dc 25, will disable the trap.

Inside the Chest

  1. 10 Silverburn Candles
  2. An array of chalk of differing colors; Red, White, Gold, Green, Blue, Silver, Purple and Black
  3. An extremely thick book detailing the Plane of Irian
  4. A bestiary detailing the following creatures; Hound Archon, Lantern Archon, Trumpet Archon, Justice Archon, Owl Archon, Astral Deva, Planetar and an examination of common traits shared by Archons and Angels.
  5. A Planar Summoning Focus, in the shape of a Draconic Mouth breathing a burning silver flame. When used as part of a ritual to summon a good aligned creature, this focus will bind the creature to it, housing the creature within the focus for up to 3 days. The owner of the focus may then shatter the focus at any point within the next three days, summoning the creature forth and commencing it's agreed upon service.
  6. 2x Scrolls of Lesser Planar Ally, 1x Scroll of Planar Ally
  7. 4,000 gp worth of Silver Bars
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