Lodging And Room And Board Prices

Table 1:9 Lodging and Board in Gold Board Costs

Meal Poor Common Good Extravagant
Breakfast 5 cp 1sp 3sp 11sp
Dinner 1 sp 3sp 10sp 2gp
Supper 5 cp 2sp 6sp 18gp

Lodging Costs/Person

Time Poor Common Good Extravagant
One Night 3sp 6sp 11sp 2gp
One Week 11sp 1gp 6gp 9gp
One Month 2gp 4gp 9gp 18gp

Rental Costs/Month, Furnished, City

Room Poor Common Good Extravagant
One Room 1gp 2gp 5gp 10gp
Two Room 2gp 3gp 7gp 12gp
Three Room 3gp 7gp 9gp 14gp
Five Room 7gp 12gp 15gp 20gp
Eight Room 12gp 15gp 20gp 28gp

Small Villa: Same as Fiver room.
Large Villa: Same as Eight room

Source: Gary Gygax's World Builder

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