District Type: Apartment townhomes
Buildings: Average residences (40), poor residences (220)
First Impression: Most of the towers in this residential district have stairs that wrap around the outside of the buildings. The people go about their business with quiet determination, and keep a suspicious eye on any strangers.
Social Class: Lower class

Longstairs is a quiet residential district, and its inhabitants like it that way. The people of Longstairs are primarily human and dwarf commoners, with a few experts and magewrights mixed in. These citizens go out of their way to maintain the stability of the neighborhood, and anything disruptive is quickly met with unified opposition. The apartments in Longstairs are reasonably priced and well maintained. However, adventurers who settle in Longstairs may have to make an extra effort to fit in; characters that engage in wild antics may be run out of the neighborbood.

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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