Lord Kellas ir'Moran

(N male dwarf aristocrat 5/fighter 2)
This old dwarf must be well into his second century. His long beard is white as marble, and his muscles are lean and weathered beneath his deeply wrinkled skin. He wears the dress uniform of a high-ranking officer in the Brelish Army of the East, and a ceremonial broadsword in a jeweled scabbard is slung across his back. He fixes you with a steely gaze, and for a moment he has the bearing of a mighty warrior; then he smiles widely, and the aura of menace and power melts away.
Starting Attitude: Indifferent
Modifiers: Character served in the Brelish military (+5);
character served in any other military force (–5);
character is an elf or from Cyre (–5);
character mentions the Day of Ashes ( –5)

The ir’Morans are an ancient family with a proud tradition of military service. For the first 40 years of the Last War, Lord Kellas served as the commander of the Brelish Army of the East. Then came the Day of Ashes. On 3 Dravago 943 YK, Kellas engaged the Valenar raiders and suffered a devastating defeat. While his physical injuries were soon healed, Kellas never truly recovered from the battle. He resigned his commission and returned to Sharn, and he remained hidden in his family estate for decades.
With the end of the Last War, Lord ir’Moran has finally returned to public life. Most people have forgotten the precise role he played in the war, and he is simply known as “the General.” He cheerfully exchanges war stories with other veterans and regales youngsters with his exploits, but any mention of the Day of Ashes produces an icy silence. Kellas has never forgiven the Valenar for his defeat, and over the years this mania has expanded to include all elves and Cyrans. On the surface he seems like a kindly, doddering old man, but he is still a brilliant tactician and member of the Sixty. He has considerable wealth and has retained his contacts in the Brelish military; he may use this power to threaten elf characters or to stir up trouble on the Day of Ashes.

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