Lower Central Plateau

Population: 11,600
Social Class: Middle class
Character: Artistic and eccentric downtown
Districts: Average residences (2), shops (2), tavern district, inn district
Businesses: Upscale food and lodging, boutiques and galleries; gold piece limit: 40,000 gp
Key Personalities:
Councilor Sava Kharisa (NG female human expert 7/wizard 3),
Kielsten Marquan (NE male dwarf expert 3/rogue 3)

The Lower Central ward seems to exist in blissful ignorance of the power struggles raging above it. A hotbed of cutting-edge artistic expression and unusual ideologies, Lower Central serves as a counter-cultural contrast to Sharn’s busy downtown.


Boldrei's Hearth (Inn District)
Granite Halls (Shops)
Myshan Gardens (Average Residential)
North Towers (Shops)
Olladra's Kitchen (Tavern District)
Vallia Towers (Average residential)

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