Lower Tavick's Landing

Population: 17,600
Social Class: Lower class
Character: The gateway to Sharn, this ward is aconstant flurry of noise and activity.
Districts: Caravan district (2), apartment homes, garrison, red light district, refugee slum, warehouse district
Businesses: Inns, taverns, and entertainment catering to frequent travelers and merchants; gold piece limit: 10,000 gp
Key Personalities: Captain Daja Brel (LN female human warrior 3/expert 2/fi ghter 2);
Chance (CN doppelganger adept 12/rogue 2);
Commander Iyanna ir’Talan (LG female human aristocrat 4/ fighter 2);
Ek, Tyrant One (NE doppelganger rogue 8);
Guardian Tethyn Olar (LE male human expert 5);
Guardian Six (N female personality warforged rogue 4);
Lt. Kestran Dal (LN male dwarf warrior 2/fighter 4);
Velvet (CN female doppelganger Illusionist 5)
Anyone who comes to Sharn by land comes through Lower Tavick’s Landing. The Orien lightning rail comes through Terminus, while the Old Road ends at Wroann’s Gate. Most travelers use a lift or skycoach to travel to the upper wards as quickly as possible. While not as dangerous as Lower Dura, Lower Tavick’s Landing is a rough ward, and it caters to workers from the Cogs, teamsters, and other tough folk. During the Last War many foreign nationals were detained in Lower Tavick’s Landing, and today High Walls provides housing for refugees from Cyre and other shattered communities. The Sharn Watch and the Guardians of the Gate do their best to maintain order in the district, but their resources are stretched thin, and adventurers who leave the gate districts and visit Dragoneyes, High Walls, or Cogsgate would be wise to keep weapons to hand.
House Orien has a strong presence in Lower Tavick’s Landing, and Orien heirs, laborers, and teamsters can be found in many of the districts. House Lyrandar and House Deneith are also well represented, arranging matters of trade, transport, and security.

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