Lunar Lunacy Final Battle


Wolf's Paw Village, a number of buildings as detailed in the entry. Women and Children will be hiding out in basements or in the tavern.


Lycan Side

Halden - Dreamsight Shifter Cleric 5
Lundragon - Werebear Barbarian 4
Orion ir'Vadalis - Dire Werewolf Aristocrat 4, Ranger 1, Druid 1
Shaiira - Swiftwing Shifter Ranger 4
Sskari - A Xen'drik born Raptorleap Saurian Shifter Rogue 3
Bellamo - A chubby halfling Wererat, Bard 2
grawlith - Awakened Dire Bear

John Motts - Head of Logging and Construction group, befriends Centerleft
Logger Commoner - Human or Shifter Warrior 1
Werewolf Commoner

Flame Side

Captain Landas d'Medani – Captain of the Silver Flame Templar; Lycan Watch, Paladin 5, Marshal 3
Zeffan Vitor - Second in Command; Half-elf Wizard 6 (Divination and Evocation)
Brother Eli - Human Cleric 5 of Silver Flame
Flameborn - Warforged Monk with Silver Tracery, a level of Favored Soul
Illiya- Human Artificer 5
Summoned Hound Archon - As per monster manual, with possibly different gear.

Flame Paladins - 2nd level paladins, high-grade silver weaponry
Flame Knights - 2nd level fighters with mounted proficiencies
Flame Footmen - 1st level fighters

Introduction to Battle

Flow of Battle


Round 1:

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