Magic And Psionics

Notes: PHB and SC first, then Book of Vile Darkness and Book of Exalted Deeds.

Magic Rules
Magic Schools - The 8 schools and subschools.
Domains - Clerical domains from all sources.

Assassin Spells
Bard Spells
Blackguard spells
Cleric Spells
Druid Spells
Paladin Spells
Ranger Spells
Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Warlock Invocations - A collection of invocations from various sources.
Wu Jen Spells - A collection of spells from PHB and WOTC source material, organized by level.
Warmage Spells - Warmage spell list
Corrupt Spells - From the Book of Vile Deeds, evil spells which corrupt and weaken the soul of those who use them.
Old One Magic - Adapted from Call of Cthulu, magic which destroys your body and mind. Use with caution.

Eberron Spells - A collection of spells pulled from Eberron books.
Artificer Infusions
Urban Druid Spells

Psionics in Eberron - Everything you need to know about Psionics in the campaign world.
Psionic Characters - All psionic options, flaws and so forth.
Psionic Powers - Powers in the EPH and other sources
New Spell List - Misc. spells from various sources (As they appear in game, or as I get to them)

Blade Magic - Explanation of Blade Magic and the Martial Powers; Maneuvers and Stances
Martial Disciplines - From Tome of Battle
Maneuvers and Stances - A list of martial powers, from the Tome of Battle

Material Components - A compilation of material components needed to cast certain spells. Good for throwing a bit of flavor into wizard's labs or for helping resupply a wizard who lost their spell component pouch.
Optional Material Components - One-use Material components which can be used to enhance spells; applying metamagic feats, improving damage or save DC, etc..
Power Components - One-use material components which are used to enhance one specific spell in one specific way.

Magic User Related Topics

Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells - Or Power Points
Summon Monster
Summon Undead
Summon Nature's Ally
Imbued Staff
Animal Companion
Urban Companion

Curses - Variant curses to bestow with the Bestow Curse spell, as well as dying curses and steps to removing them.

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