Maneuvers and Stances

Table 4–1: Discipline Access by Class

Discipline Crusader Swordsage Warblade
Desert Wind No Yes No
Devoted Spirit Yes No No
Diamond Mind No Yes Yes
Iron Heart No No Yes
Setting Sun No Yes No
Shadow Hand No Yes No
Stone Dragon Yes Yes Yes
Tiger Claw No Yes Yes
White Raven Yes No Yes

Also divided into Maneuvers, Stances and Martial Disciplines for ease of use.


Desert Wind
Blistering Flourish: Strike—Dazzle creatures around you.
Burning Blade: Boost—Deal 1d6 fire + 1/initiator level.
Distracting Ember: Boost—Fire elemental appears, flanks enemy.
Flame’s Blessing: Stance—Gain fire resistance based on Tumble ranks.
Wind Stride: Boost—+10-ft. bonus to speed.

Devoted Spirit
Crusader’s Strike: Strike—Successful attack allows you to heal 1d6 + 1/initiator level.
Iron Guard’s Glare: Stance—Enemies take –4 penalty on attacks against your allies.
Martial Spirit: Stance—Heal 2 hit points with each successful attack.
Vanguard Strike: Strike—Allies gain +4 bonus on attacks against target.

Diamond Mind
Moment of Perfect Mind: Counter—Use Concentration check in place of Will save.
Sapphire Nightmare Blade: Strike—Opponent flat-footed, +1d6 damage with Concentration check.
Stance of Clarity: Stance—Gain +2 AC against one foe, –2 against all others.

Iron Heart
Punishing Stance: Stance—Attacks deal +1d6 damage, but you have –2 to AC.
Steel Wind: Strike—Attack two opponents.
Steely Strike: Strike—+4 bonus on one attack, enemies gain +4 bonus on attacks against you.

Setting Sun
Counter Charge: Counter—Ruin charge attack, force charging foe to move away from you.
Mighty Throw: Strike—Grab foe, throw him up to 10 ft.
Step of the Wind: Stance—Ignore difficult terrain, gain bonus against foes in such terrain.

Shadow Hand
Child of Shadow: Stance—You gain concealment as long as you move.
Clinging Shadow Strike: Strike—Foe suffers 20% miss chance on attacks.
Island of Blades: Stance—You and allies flank all adjacent foes.
Shadow Blade Technique: Strike—Roll two attacks, use lower result to deal bonus cold damage.

Stone Dragon
Charging Minotaur: Strike—Charging bull rush deals damage, ignores attacks of opportunity.
Stone Bones: Strike—Gain DR 5/adamantine.
Stonefoot Stance: Stance—+2 bonus on Strength checks, +2 bonus to AC against larger foes.

Tiger Claw
Blood in the Water: Stance—Gain +1 bonus on attacks and damage for each critical hit.
Hunter’s Sense: Stance—Gain scent.
Sudden Leap: Boost—Jump as a swift action.
Wolf Fang Strike: Strike—Attack with two weapons.

White Raven
Bolstering Voice: Stance—Allies gain +2 bonus on Will saves, +4 against fear.
Douse the Flames: Strike—Target cannot make attacks of opportunity for 1 round.
Leading the Attack: Strike—Allies gain +4 bonus on attacks against foe you strike.
Leading the Charge: Stance—Allies deal +1 damage/initiator level on charge attacks.


Desert Wind
Burning Brand: Boost—Gain +5-ft. reach, deal fire damage.
Fire Riposte: Counter—Counter foe’s attack with fiery touch that deals 4d6 damage.
Flashing Sun: Strike—Gain extra attack.
Hatchling’s Flame: Strike—Cone deals 2d6 fire damage.

Devoted Spirit
Foehammer: Strike—Overcome foe’s DR, deal +2d6 damage.
Shield Block: Counter—Grant shield bonus + 4 as AC bonus to ally.

Diamond Mind
Action Before Thought: Counter—Use Concentration check in place of Reflex save.
Emerald Razor: Strike—Turn melee strike into touch attack.

Iron Heart
Disarming Strike: Strike—With successful attack, attempt to disarm foe.
Wall of Blades: Counter—Replace AC with attack roll result.

Setting Sun
Baffling Defense: Counter—Use Sense Motive check to dodge attack.
Clever Positioning: Strike—Swap positions with target of attack.

Shadow Hand
Cloak of Deception: Boost—Turn invisible until the end of your turn.
Drain Vitality: Strike—Attack deals 2 points of Constitution damage.
Shadow Jaunt: Teleport 50 ft. through shadows as standard action.

Stone Dragon
Mountain Hammer: Strike—Deal +2d6 damage, overcome DR and hardness.
Stone Vise: Strike—Deal +1d6 damage, attack immobilizes creature.

Tiger Claw
Claw at the Moon: Strike—Make Jump check, deal +2d6 damage.
Rabid Wolf Strike: Strike—+4 bonus on attack, deal +2d6 damage, –4 AC for 1 round.

White Raven
Battle Leader’s Charge: Strike—No attacks of opportunity while charging, deal +10 damage.
Tactical Strike: Strike—Deal +2d6 damage, adjacent allies move 5 feet.


Desert Wind
Death Mark: Strike—Enemy takes extra fire damage and explodes in a fiery spread.
Fan the Flames: Strike—Ranged touch attack deals 6d6 fire damage.
Holocaust Cloak: Stance—Attackers take 5 fire damage.
Zephyr Dance: Counter—+4 AC against single attack.

Devoted Spirit
Defensive Rebuke: Boost—Foes you strike must attack you or provoke attack of opportunity.
Revitalizing Strike: Strike—Successful attack allows you to heal 3d6 + 1/initiator level.
Thicket of Blades: Stance—5-ft. steps provoke attacks from you.

Diamond Mind
Insightful Strike: Strike—Use Concentration check to determine damage.
Mind Over Body: Counter—Use Concentration check in place of Fortitude save.
Pearl of Black Doubt: Stance—Gain +2 AC each time foe misses you.

Iron Heart
Absolute Steel Stance: Stance—+10-ft. bonus to speed, +2 AC with movement.
Exorcism of Steel: Strike—Strike opponent’s weapon, it deals –4 damage.
Iron Heart Surge: Remove effect, gain +2 morale bonus on attacks.

Setting Sun
Devastating Throw: Strike—Grab foe, throw him using leverage, strength.
Feigned Opening: Counter—As an immediate action, provoke an attack, then counter.
Giant Killing Style: Stance—+2 bonus on attacks and +4 bonus on damage against larger foes.

Shadow Hand
Assassin’s Stance: Stance—Gain sneak attack +2d6.
Dance of the Spider: Stance—You climb walls like a spider.
Shadow Garrote: Strike—Ranged touch attack deals 5d6 points of damage.
Strength Draining Strike: Strike—Your attack deals 4 points of Strength damage.

Stone Dragon
Bonecrusher: Strike—Deal +4d6 damage, +10 bonus on attacks to confirm critical hits.
Crushing Weight of the Mountain: Stance— Constrict for 2d6+1-1/2 times Str when grappling.
Roots of the Mountain: Stance—+10 bonus on checks against bull rush, trip, and others, and gain DR 2/–.
Stone Dragon’s Fury: Strike—Deal +4d6 damage against objects, constructs.

Tiger Claw
Flesh Ripper: Strike—Foe’s attacks and AC have –4 penalty.
Leaping Dragon Stance: Stance—+10 on Jump checks, always considered running for jumps.
Soaring Raptor Strike: Strike—Attack larger foe from above with +4 bonus, deal +6d6 damage.
Wolverine Stance: Stance—Use any weapons while grappled.

White Raven
Lion’s Roar: Boost—Defeat enemy, allies deal +5 damage.
Tactics of the Wolf: Stance—You and allies deal +1 damage/2 initiator levels against flanked target.
White Raven Tactics: Boost—Ally’s initiative changes, he can act again.


Desert Wind
Firesnake: Strike—Stream of fire twists around corners.
Searing Blade: Boost—Attacks deal +2d6 fire damage + 1/initiator level
Searing Charge: Strike—Fly while charging, deal +5d6 fire damage.

Devoted Spirit
Divine Surge: Strike—Deal +8d8 damage.
Entangling Blade: Strike—Deal +2d6 damage, target has –20-ft. penalty to speed.

Diamond Mind
Bounding Assault: Strike—Double move and attack.
Mind Strike: Strike—Attack deals 1d4 Wisdom damage.
Ruby Nightmare Blade: Strike—Attack deals double damage with successful Concentration check.

Iron Heart
Lightning Recovery: Counter—Reroll an attack that misses with +2 bonus.
Mithral Tornado: Strike—Make attacks against adjacent foe, +2 on each attack.

Setting Sun
Comet Throw: Strike—Grab foe, throw him using leverage, strength.
Strike of the Broken Shield: Strike—Attack deals +4d6 damage, makes target flat-footed.

Shadow Hand
Hand of Death: Strike—Touch renders foe paralyzed for 1d3 rounds.
Obscuring Shadow Veil: Strike—Deal +5d6 damage and foe has 50% miss chance on attacks for 1 round.

Stone Dragon
Bonesplitting Strike: Strike—Attack deals 2 Constitution damage.
Boulder Roll: Boost—Gain +4 bonus on overrun attempts.
Overwhelming Mountain Strike: Strike—Deal +2d6 damage, target loses move action.

Tiger Claw
Death From Above: Strike—Leap into the air, attack foe from above, deal +4d6 damage.
Fountain of Blood: Boost—Defeat foe, cause fear in enemies.

White Raven
Covering Strike: Boost—Every opponent you strike cannot make attacks of opportunity for 3 rounds.
White Raven Strike: Strike—Deal +4d6 damage, target becomes flat-footed.


Desert Wind
Dragon’s Flame: Strike—Cone deals 6d6 fire damage.
Leaping Flame: Counter—Teleport adjacent to foe who attacks you.
Lingering Inferno: Strike—Deal +2d6 fire damage, and target takes 2d6 fire damage per round for 3 rounds.

Devoted Spirit
Daunting Strike: Strike—Target of attack becomes shaken.
Doom Charge: Strike—Charge attack deals extra damage against good, you gain DR 10/—.
Law Bearer: Strike—Deal +4d6 damage, +8 attack against chaotic enemy, gain +5 on saves and AC.
Radiant Charge: Strike—Deal +6d6 damage against evil foes, gain DR 10/—.
Tide of Chaos: Strike—Charge attack deals extra damage against law, grants you concealment.

Diamond Mind
Disrupting Blow: Strike—Successful attack causes foe to be unable to act for 1 round.
Hearing the Air: Stance—Gain blindsense 30 ft., +5 bonus on Listen checks.
Rapid Counter: Counter—Strike opponent who provokes attack from you.

Iron Heart
Dancing Blade Form: Stance—+5-ft. reach during your turn.
Dazing Strike: Strike—Melee attack dazes opponent.

Iron Heart
Heart Focus: Counter—Reroll save.

Setting Sun
Mirrored Pursuit: Counter—You match opponent’s movement.
Shifting Defense: Stance—5-ft. step with each missed attack against you.
Soaring Throw: Strike—Grab foe, throw him using leverage, strength.
Stalking Shadow: Counter—Move into foe’s space as he tries to move away from you.

Shadow Hand
Bloodletting Strike: Boost—Strike deals 4 Constitution damage.
Shadow Stride: Teleport 50 ft. through shadows as move action.
Step of the Dancing Moth: Stance—Ignore terrain, walk over liquid.

Stone Dragon
Elder Mountain Hammer: Strike—Deal +6d6 damage, overcome DR and hardness.
Giant’s Stance: Stance—Deal damage as if you are one size category larger.
Mountain Avalanche: Strike—Gain ability to trample foes.

Tiger Claw
Dancing Mongoose: Boost—Make one extra attack with each weapon (max of two extra attacks).
Pouncing Charge: Strike—When you charge, make multiple attacks.

White Raven
Flanking Maneuver: Strike—Hit flanked target, allies gain free attack.
Press the Advantage: Stance—Move +5 feet with 5-ft. step, move into diffi cult terrain.


Desert Wind
Desert Tempest: Strike—Attack foes as you move by them.
Fiery Assault: Stance—Melee attacks deal +1d6 fire damage.
Ring of Fire: Strike—Surround foes with burning flame.

Devoted Spirit
Aura of Chaos: Stance—Reroll and add maximum
damage dice.
Aura of Perfect Order: Stance—Treat d20 result
as 11.
Aura of Triumph: Stance—You and allies heal 4
points with each attack against evil.
Aura of Tyranny: Stance—Drain hit points from
Rallying Strike: Strike—Successful attack
allows you to heal 3d6 + 1/initiator level in 30-
ft. burst.
Diam Greater Insightful Strike: Strike—Use double
Concentration check to determine damage.
Moment of Alacrity: Boost—Gain +20 bonus on
initiative during battle.
Iron Iron Heart Endurance: Boost—Heal hit points
equal to two times your level.
Manticore Parry: Counter—Defl ect attack and
redirect it against opponent.
Set Ballista Throw: Strike—Throw foe in 60-ft. line,
deal 6d6 damage to all in area.
Scorpion Parry: Counter—Parry attack into
second opponent.
Shadow Ghost Blade: Strike—Target becomes
Shadow Noose: Strike—Ranged touch attack
deals 8d6 damage and might stun f lat-footed
Stalker in the Night: Strike—Move and attack
while remaining hidden.
Stone Crushing Vise: Strike—Deal +4d6 damage,
attack immobilizes creature.
Iron Bones: Strike—Gain DR 10/adamantine.
Irresistible Mountain Strike: Strike—Deal
+4d6 damage, target loses standard action.
Tiger Rabid Bear Strike: Strike—Gain +4 on attack,
deal +10d6 damage, –4 AC with attack.
Wolf Climbs the Mountain: Strike—Enter
larger foe’s space, deal +5d6 damage, gain cover
from foe.
White Order Forged from Chaos: Allies move up to
their speed during your turn.
War Leader’s Charge: Strike—No attacks of
opportunity while charging, deal +35 damage.
Desert Inferno Blade: Boost—Melee attacks deal +3d6
fi re damage + 1/initiator level.
Salamander Charge: Strike—Charge and create
trail of fi re.
Devo Castigating Strike: Strike—Deal +8d6 damage
and trigger area blast.
Shield Counter: Counter—Shield bash cancels
foe’s attack.
Diam Avalanche of Blades: Strike—With each attack
that hits, make another attack with increasing
Quicksilver Motion: Boost—Use swift action to
complete move action.
Iron Finishing Move: Strike—Gain extra damage
against weakened foe.
Scything Blade: Boost—Strike one foe, free
attack against another one.
Set Hydra Slaying Strike: Strike—Foe is unable to
use full attack action.
Shadow Death in the Dark: Strike—Deal +15d6 damage
to surprised target.
Shadow Blink: Teleport 50 ft. through shadows
as swift action.
Stone Ancient Mountain Hammer: Strike—Deal
+12d6 damage, overcome DR and hardness.
Colossus Strike: Strike—Strike deals +6d6
damage, knocks opponent backward.
Tiger Hamstring Attack: Strike—Attack deals 1d8
Dexterity damage, foe’s speed has –10 penalty.
Prey on the Weak: Stance—Attack of opportunity
with each foe that drops.
Swooping Dragon Strike: Strike—Jump over
foe, deal +10d6 damage, stun.
White Clarion Call: Boost—If you drop a foe, allies
within 60 ft. can make free attack or take move
Swarming Assault: Strike—Allies make free
attacks against a foe you strike.
Desert Rising Phoenix: Stance—Hover on column of
super-heated air.
Wyrm’s Flame: Strike—Cone of fi re deals 10d6
fi re damage.
Devo Greater Divine Surge: Strike—Deal +6d8 damage,
also gain +1 on attacks and deal +2d8 damage per
point of Con damage you voluntarily take.
Immortal Fortitude: Stance—You cannot die
due to hit point damage.
Diam Diamond Defense: Counter—Gain save bonus
equal to level.
Diamond Nightmare Blade: Strike—Attack
deals quadruple damage with successful Concentration
Stance of Alacrity: Stance—Gain extra counter
each round.
Iron Adamantine Hurricane: Strike—Two attacks
against each adjacent foe, +4 bonus on each
Lightning Throw: Strike—Use melee attack as
a line attack.
Supreme Blade Parry: Stance—Gain DR 5/—.
Set Fool’s Strike: Counter—Refl ect foe’s attack.
Ghostly Defense: Stance—Enemies hit target of
your choice while you have concealment.
Shadow Balance on the Sky: Stance—Walk on air.
Enervating Shadow Strike: Strike—Target of
strike gains 1d4 negative levels.
One With Shadow: Counter—Become incorporeal
for 1 round.
Stone Adamantine Bones: Strike—Gain DR
Earthstrike Quake: Strike—Local quake knocks
enemies prone.
Strength of Stone: Stance—Gain immunity to
critical hits.
Tiger Girallon Windmill Flesh Rip: Boost—Gain
ability to rend with successful attacks.
Raging Mongoose: Boost—Make two extra
attacks with each weapon carried (max four
extra attacks).
Wolf Pack Tactics: Stance—Free 5-ft. step with
each successful attack.
White Swarm Tactics: Stance—Allies gain +5 on attacks
against enemy adjacent to you.
White Raven Hammer: Strike—Deal +6d6
damage, stun opponent.
Desert Inferno Blast: Strike—Burst of fi re deals 100
points of damage
Devo Strike of Righteous Vitality: Strike—Successful
attack grants heal spell.
Diam Time Stands Still: Strike—Take full attack action
two times.
Iron Strike of Perfect Clarity: Strike—Deal +100
damage on single attack.
Set Tornado Throw: Strike—Move and throw foes
Shadow Five-Shadow Creeping Ice Enervation Strike:
Strike—Channel shadow into target, causing hp
damage, ability damage, other effects.
Stone Mountain Tombstone Strike: Strike—Attack
deals 2d6 Constitution damage.
Tiger Feral Death Blow: Strike—Leap upon foe, slay
him with a single strike.
White War Master’s Charge: Strike—You and allies
charge, no attacks of opportunity, deal extra
damage, stun.

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