Marquan's Rooms For Let

A respectable, if a bit run-down, option for longer stays in Lower Central, Marquan’s offers private rooms with a common dining room. The building is decorated with paintings, sculpture, and pottery produced by local artists, all of whom are past or present residents of Marquan’s. Kielsten Marquan, the owner and sole employee, no longer keeps the place up as well as he used to. This is because Kielsten runs a small cult devoted to a radiant idol (see Chapter 7: Monsters and Encounters), and his attention to his business has slipped as his activity and responsibilities within the cult have increased.
Kielsten’s cult holds meetings in a large private room at Marquan’s. Here, the cult members pay homage to their patron, a radiant idol that calls itself Zotharr, Idol of Death. Zotharr demands gifts as part of these ceremonies, and its demands have become increasingly extravagant with the increased loyalty of its cultists. The cultists have been seduced into acts of robbery, kidnapping, and—most recently—ritual murder to please their patron. Kielsten assumed leadership of the cult in the last month, after the previous leader balked at performing a human sacrifice and Zotharr killed him for his disobedience. Kielsten is nervous but sadistically excited about his new responsibilities.

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