Meniris Tath

Description: A jet black shortsword. The blade appears to be forged out of obsidian, and is light as air. Shadow wreathes the hilt, and extends over the wielders hand when gripped. Set in the hilt are a number of black sapphires and in the crosspiece is a modified Siberys.

Meniris Tath was brought back from Stormreach by a group of Deathsgaters who had been hired to clean out the monsters which had been inhabiting a certain portion of the sewers. They were ambushed in the process, by a band of Thri-keen which had been dominated by an Illithid. The group overcame their ambushers, but not without first losing a significant portion of their own team, and this shortsword was dropped by the fleeing Mindflayer.

Special Abilities: +1 Magebane (+2 to attack arcane, +2d6 damage),Powerstoring (Store one power of up to 3rd level, or an augmented 1st or 2nd level power of up to 10 total power points)
Damage: 1d6+1 19-20/x2

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