Menthis Plateau

The Menthis Plateau is the hub of Sharn’s entertainment industry, as well as its most diverse ethnic quarter and the seat of Morgrave University. Its districts include Den’iyas (also called Little Zilargo because of its large gnome population), Everbright (the city’s only magic district), and two theater districts, Torchfire and Smoky Towers. Like the Central Plateau, its location allows it to draw visitors from all over the city to sample its entertainment offerings, and it also draws tourists from across the Five Nations.
Watch Detail
450 guards of the Watch
135 on day shift (108 patrol, 27 stationed),
158 on evening shift (126 patrol, 32 stationed),
157 on night shift (125 patrol, 32 stationed)

Upper Menthis Plateau

Deni'yas (Gnome Neighborhood)
Ivy Towers (Average residential District)
Platinate (Wealthy Residential)
Seventh Tower (Fine Shops)
University District (Educational District)

Middle Menthis Plateau

Cassan Bridge (Shops)
Everbright (Magic District)
Little Plains (Halfling Encampment)
Smoky Towers (Theater District)
Warden Towers (Garrison)

Lower Menthis Plateau

Center Bridge (Average Residential)
Downstairs (Tavern district)
Firelight (Redlight District)
Forgelight Towers (Average Residential)
Torchfire (Theater District)

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