Metamagic Feats
Feat Name Prerequisites Benefit Source
Empower Spell Increase spell’s variable, numeric effects by 50% PHB
Enlarge Spell Double spell’s range PHB
Extend Spell Double spell’s duration PHB
Heighten Spell Cast spells as higher level PHB
Maximize Spell Maximize spell’s variable, numeric effects PHB
Quicken Spell Cast spells as free action PHB
Silent Spell Cast spells without verbal components PHB
Still Spell Cast spells without somatic components PHB
Widen Spell Double spell’s area PHB
Energize Spell Nonevil, no ability to rebuke undead Deal 50% extra damage to undead Libris Mortis
Enervate Spell Nongood, no ability to turn undead Deal 50% extra damage to living creatures Libris Mortis
Fell Animate Creatures slain by the spell rise as zombies Libris Mortis
Fell Drain Creatures hurt by the spell gain a negative level Libris Mortis
Fell Frighten Creatures damaged by the spell are also shaken Libris Mortis
Fell Weaken Creatures damaged by the spell also take –4 Str Libris Mortis
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