Ruined Metropolis
The capital of Cyre remains an enticing target for fortune seekers and explorers wishing to understand what has become of Cyre. While the deadly ghostbeasts continue to slaughter those who enter the city at night, intruders are beginning to be a more common sight during the day. King Kaius of Karrnath has recently proposed a joint effort with House Orien, House Ghallanda, and Prince Oargev to reopen the lighting rail line entering Metrol from the east. Together the four groups are offering bounties for information about the condition of the Metrol rail station and the Orien guildhall.
Surprisingly, just finding the station has proven difficult. While many of Metrol’s buildings are fully intact, a number of them have seemingly moved or been rearranged. Whole city blocks are turned 90 degrees or found miles from where war-era maps say they should be. For many, this phenomenon has only increased the interest in learning what happened here.
Those who escaped Metrol on the Day of Mourning claim that the dead-gray mists first appeared boiling out of the royal palaces of Vermishard, spreading from there to cover the entire city and then all of Cyre. Certainly the city was struck without warning, and succumbed quickly, but others believe that the ruin known as the Making was the epicenter of the arcane event.

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