Middle Northedge

Population: 5,400
Social Class: Middle class
Character: Peaceful residential area, home to skilled crafters and successful merchants.
Districts: Dwarf neighborhood, temple district, average residences
Businesses: Dwarven and gnomish craftwork, respectable and reliable goods; gold piece limit: 40,000 gp
Key Personalities: Councilor Doran Cantar (NG male human expert 4/adept 1);
Daca (N female gnome paladin 6);
Flamebearer Mazin Tana (LG male human cleric 6)

Middle Northedge is a peaceful residential ward, featuring some of the finest average housing in the city. The inhabitants are successful, hardworking folk, and the streets are clean and quiet. Much of the dwarf population of the city lives in this ward.


Holdfast (Dwarf Neighborhood)
High Hope (Temple district)
Oakbridge (Average residential)

Source: Sharn: City of Towers

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