Mind Over Matter

{Psionic (Magic) Shop}

Name: Mind over Matter
Category: Psionic Power research, Power Stones and Research Aid
Owner: Kelatishan (Male Kalashtar Psion(Seer) 1, Psionic Artificer 6

Staff: A blue pg 190 Expanded Psionics, Half-Giant pg 201 EPH Psychic Warrior Bodyguard from Xen'Drik.

Gold Limit: 250Gp in store, can get up to 5000Gp but would need a day to do so.

Location: TBD

Storefront: Cystal pillars on either side

Layout/Description: Crystals glass and beakers are everywhere, constant tinkling as wind passes over the various materials.


Research Aid:
Spells available:

Will Buy

Any Psionic Items
Sarlonan Artifacts from Xen'Drik, Q'Barra or Lhazaar.

Note: Knows where to get QUORI SHARDS, can import cognizance crystals from Riedra.

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