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Forge version 9.1.1 ish

Advanced Genetics - Extract DNA from creatures and inject yourself with it
Archemedes Ships - Build mobile ships
Ars Magicka 2
Applied Energistics - Matter to Data storage and crafting system
Backpacks - Adds backpacks.
Bibliocraft - Adds extra bookshelves etc
Buildcraft - Adds extra machines
Custom Mob Spawner - Modifies how creatures spawn
Damage Indicators - Health bars for mobs
Darwin - allow crossbreeding/evolution of some mobs (may remove)
Emasher -
Engineer Toolbox -
Factorization - More machines
Forestery - Adds machines, bees, trees, butterflies
GalacticCraft - Adds Spaceships, can fly to the moon/Mars
GasCraft - Adds gasses
Gendustry -
Industrial Craft 2 - Adds machines / Electrictiy
MagicBees - Adds more bees
Millenaire - Adds extra NPC villages
Minions - Gives players minions to do tasks
Mo'Creatures - Adds creatures
Necromancy - Collect body parts from creatures, combine into undead minions
Quarry Plus - Enchantable quarries!
Railcraft - Adds new rail systems
Rouge Dungeons - Adds complex dungeons
Sync - Allows you to clone yourself
Thermal Expansion
Tinkers Construct

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