Tukadian's Log

Activity Log

This is just for my own personal records to write my in-game fiction afterwards.

Day 1

Trained Excavator and whatnot after trading stone in, and some wood. Fell off a few cliffs, fell down a mineshaft. Found an NPC village greedy for emeralds after following a bridge in progress. Found Oak Marsh. Settlement provided me with a friggin dragon for quick travel, will try not to overuse it, lest dragon gets cranky.

Day 2

Wandered around tunnels underneath utility shed for what seemed like forever. Found a few good chunks of iron, almost starved to death. Decided to start training myself in farming and set up some infrastructure based around farming. Planted a bunch of wheat after harvesting a shitton of seeds. Also planted a massive amount of Oak Trees around the marsh and put a roof on the shed. Made some iron tools, found a few bits of gold and redstone and 1 diamond! Deposited XP in the bank to enchant my pick later. Built a mushroom farm in the utility shed basement.

Day 3

Built a proper walkway, fence around the marsh farmlands, planted more trees and tilled a lot more soil. Plan on luring animals to the Oak Marsh Island in order to start breeding them, especially cows, I need milk and leather. While scouting out the area in-land from my seaside farm I found a huge mountainous area, a giant mountain with pumpkins growing on it (I will name this Mount Jack), and a herd of pigs.
Gathered a bunch of wheat from the NPC village nearby Oak Marsh, I replanted all the fields and as thanks I used the wheat to lure a nearby herd of pigs into a fenced off area and breed a few of them. Went back to town and spied a few cows nearby, did the same with them, so at least I have a few that I know of nearby, I'll come get them later. Baby animals are so cute. At the bazaar I trained up my wheat farming skills quite a bit, a little bit of my carpentry skills and another rank of excavator. Should bring a lot more cobblestone here to get my pick durability up, and some mushrooms for survivalist so I don't have to eat as much. Getting fat on bacon.
Once down at town I flew back to my utility shed to start excavating some more, stopping along the way to get some leather from my cowfarm. I plan on building a house, and a house just isn't a home without many leatherbound books. After collecting a couple pieces of leather I happen upon a spider and a couple zombies, which I handily pound into nothing. Very excited about getting the string from the spider so I can start fishing! Finally!

Day 4

I did a cattle drive over to my marsh and set up a large farm for cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. I'll eventually separate them, but for now this is sufficient. I also begin work on extending my farmlands with some pumpkins, and extend the mushroom farm. After some consideration I decide on making an underground rail line from my settlement to the nearby village and then the bazaar. Time to start excavating!

Day 5

A fellow settler, a John Hall from the 1990's, has asked me if I could bring him some wool or sheep in exchange for iron. I desperately need iron for my railline, and it seems an easy trade, so I agree. I go over to get some wool from the sheep and am viciously attacked by a skeleton archer.

In one harvest I got 1146 wheat and 129 seeds. My farm is a bashing success.
Started digging subway.

Day 6

Found an abandoned mineshaft while digging subway. Enchanted picks to make faster progress. Dug into the ocean and drowned.

Day 7

Finally Connected to the NPC Village, need to return down the trail and put a ceiling over the flooded portion of the track, and make a proper entrance in the village; going to name it Saltshore Village. I'm going to roleplay the fact that over the next few weeks the pork industry has been booming and the village is now famous for it's salted pork and bacon.
Started a stone brick and glass factory in the main hall of my subway. Started making a path out of stone brick from my utility shed to livestock pen and found a massive underground tunnel system loaded with coal and iron. I followed it down until I found a good pool of lava, crafted a few buckets, got some water and started mining obsidian. With the obsidian I made a nether portal and explored there for the first time. I killed probably 30 zombie pigmen before returning to the portal and finding a swarm of them and a ghast waiting for me. They overpowered me and killed me, but one of those that I dropped had a golden sword enchanted with the Bane of Arthropods and Knockback. Golden Sword of SpiderSlaying!

Day 8

Ran into worldguard in the bazaar, so went back and started cleaning up the rail system. Laid powered rail right up to where the worldguard kicked in, which cost 64 rails. That's a gold ingot each; lotta dead zombie pigmen. Started building Paxton Hall and bought some Clay to make brick with. I plan on making a Brick road to the eastern mountain range and line it with jack o lanterns. Also divided off the farm and started breeding a lot more cattle. Need the leather for books and bookshelves for my enchanting table.
Completely finished the entrance way to Paxton Hall. Next will be the Reception Hall/Throne Room, then the basement kitchen and worker's quarters. Will have two towers, one for the Wizard's Tower, the other for the King's Bedroom. Armories and Troop Quarters will be in a sidehall, and the other sidehall will be for something undetermined. An outbuilding next to the troop quarters will be pig stables.
Plan on building up the eastern mountainholds as an airship based town, then we'll invade farther east and strip mine their resources with TNT.

Day 9

Completely connected to the bazaar now, started moving towards John's castle. Cleaned up my station and made a burnanarium of 14 ovens for mass refinement, started doing some obsidian and diamond farming/trading. Went to the newly finished Arena for a scrap and got destroyed by an Ooze.

Day 10

Started the Obsidian and Brick highway to the planned build site for Paxton Heights. Bought some Glowstone from the shop to light the middle. Plan on building a single rail down the side to facilitate bringing supplies to the build site. Lined the walls with iron fence to keep my iron golem highway patrolman from jumping off and exploring. Debating setting up a tower way station in the middle, so that people can climb up in it and see both Oak Marsh and Paxton Heights.

Day 11

Continued detailing the highway, haven't built rails yet. The fencing took a surprising amount of iron. Now going back to the Oak Marsh farmlands and slaughtering excess animals and remodelling the fenced off areas. Maybe make multiple levels for the chicken coop above the pond? Killed over 100 pigs, and close to 300 cows. God knows how many chickens I have now.
Expanded the cow farm, and bred a few more after the slaughter. Produced over 150 books from the result; John could use some of those. Not sure how to make the chicken coop yet, will experiment. Went back to the highway, finished detailing it, brought the Iron Golem guard to life. I shall name him Rick.

Day 12

Went to the nether for a bit, whipped out my diamond armor set for some spelunking. Died 6 times in a row. Lost over 30 cumulative levels worth of XP in the process of trying to get my items back, and lost my diamond boots forever. The nether blows. I did get 4 gold ingots worth of gold nuggets from pigmen though. Sooo worth it…

Went back and started mining out the Tunnel to John's Castle again. Found an awesome chasm about halfway there with all kinds of ore and a bed of lava through it. Stockpiling cobblestone again, as well as Coal, in the event that our scientists discover a reliable method of using it to fabricate into diamonds.

Day 13

Started making a highway out of obsidian and glowstone to Paxton heights, made brick and iron walls on the sides. Plan on cutting east after hitting Paxton Heights and pushing East to the Desert there, then North. Possibly connecting with Caleb's area later.

Day 14

Highway to Paxton Heights is finished. Plan on cutting east after hitting Paxton Heights and pushing East to the Desert there, then North. Possibly connecting with Caleb's area later. Went back and built a statue of Erdrick from Dragon Quest 1 near my Future Castle as a monument to our founders.

(Map Snapshot 2 is here)

Day 15

The Cataclysm happened. It happened directly after I built the Erdrick statue, and he is unharmed. I am not sure if that means it has his blessing, or that he was angry, but either way it has provoked widespread geological change. Vast changes ripped apart the landscape. Several areas of the subway were flooded with water or lava, areas of the map changed or dropped. As I fix these areas I notice strange new ores; Tin, Copper, even a strange glowing green mineral called Uranium. Strange animals start coming in now, the bazaar is overrun by enemies, making it nearly impossible to come seek the trainer's assistance. Also, we are now being called Dwarves by the trainers; which is strange, I never identified myself as a dwarf before and I feel no different from before. Though there now appears to be other races immigrating to my area; Elves, gnomes and human settlers have started showing their faces. 

Day 16

Apparantly the cataclysm allowed my animals to get free from my farm, so begin to build a second enclosed farm area for them on the other side of the highway. It is taking an insane amount of wood, especially the massive multi-colored sheep farm, which I am not nearly done. The chicken coop is at least functional however.

Day 17

Found some more rubber trees over near a hill I have dubbed Foxcat Hill due to having to fight 3 foxes and 2 cougars on it, as well as a zombie mob spawner underneath it. The hill is right next to Paxton Heights' lighthouse construction site. Now that I have wised up and used a tree tapper to scrape the resin off of the trees I brought the resin back and started making insulated copper wires. 
Once I have the wires made I build 4 rechargeable battery cells, and use 3 of those to make a batbox. Finally, I make a furnace generator, hook it up to the batbox, and start charging a couple more RE batteries by burning wood. This will have to do until I can make a Solar Panel or Water Mill to provide better renewable energy.

Then I built an Extractor using my first ever electronic circuit, using up the last of my available insulated wire. This will be super useful, as now I can utilize rubber wood, and extract more rubber from Sticky Resin than before. Used my charged battery to extract some rubber from the rubber wood I was carrying from earlier. Used the new rubber to make more wires to build a macerator.

Once my Macerator was finished I started expanding my Machine Shop a bit. This is just a basic one-use temporary shop. I plan on building a facility with completely self-sustaining renewable power, but that will be over in Paxton Heights. Using the Macerator I produce some different Dusts, namely Coal Dust and Copper Dust. Then I build 2 Electro-Furnaces. One to place next to my furnace-generator, for quick access. And a second to make the Solar Panel, which requires 3 glass, 3 coal dust, 2 electronic circuits and an electro furnace. This needs even more rubber than I have, so I go outside and plant a rubber tree sapling, which I instagrow with bone meal, scrape off the resin, extract rubber from both resin and wood, and make the wire.
As I go to make the Solar Panel I realize I need a generator, which means I need another battery, but I'm 1 tin too short. So it'll have to wait until I've mined some more. Good progress for tonight though.
Gathered up all my valuable minerals scattered throughout my storage boxes and put them in my temporary vault. Still need to retrieve my Lapis Lazuli and Emerald. Desperately need more gold and tin, and should fight some mobs in the arena for experience and bonemeal, maybe zombie pigmen for gold ingots as well.

(Note, must make a recycler to recycle wood or obsidian for scrap, then make scrap boxes out of the result. That requires a compressor, need two of those, each requires an electronic circuit and machine block. Once those two are made, start mining for tin and gold so I can make solar panels -> place an MFE unit storage, and then LV transformers to power it all. Use Iron Cables to transport energy from power plants. Can carry up to at least 2048 EUP, and loses 1 EU per 1.25 Blocks, meaning it can go a good kilometer and a half and still provide Medium voltage at it's destination. Make sure insulated HV lines are marked Red with a Red Painter, yellow for MV)

Day 18

With the help of my neighbor to the west I have made a solar generator bank on the roof of my utility shed, and begun using the electricity to power several electric tools that he showed me how to make. I moved the machines from downstairs to up next to the utility shed so they can all be powered with solar energy, and I began charging as many batteries as I had. 
My neighbor provided me with a loan of materials on the condition that he could charge his tools and battery cells at my generator bank, as well as on the promise that I would give him equivalent repayment in diamonds. As of now my debt to him is roughly 30 diamonds. This promise is based on the fact that I have learned how to make a Mass Fabricator and literally pull matter from thin air! This is an exciting possibility, and I have geared all my current efforts towards that end.

Day 19

I traded a few stacks of obsidian with the eccentric Elcaleeb in exhange for half a stack of glowstone, which is needed for advanced circuitry. I could have gathered it myself, but I have had bad experiences in the nether and do not wish to return any time soon. I can only imagine the havoc that The Cataclysm must have wrought there, and what manner of ferocious beasts lurk in it's hellish depths now.
Once I had the glowstone I stockpiled it away and began farming some more rubber. I need a massive amount of copper cable for the amount of circuitry and cabling I will be doing in the next few days. So I made a small rubber tree farm behind the utility shed, using the chainsaw to trim leaves and get nice uniform results. The recycler is performing admirably, turning useless leaves into potentially useful scrap.
I then make 4 generators and bring them upstairs to hook into the MFE as a back-up power source for when the sun is down or in case of prolonged rain. After the 4 straight days of thunderstorm last week I can't imagine I won't be praising back-up generators soon.
As I put these together a passerby mentions that I can use different fuel to power the generator, not just Charcoal as I had been. This is when he mentions biofuel cells, a remarkable breakthrough. Finally my wheat farm can be of proper use! I need a ton of tin to make the fuel cans, biofuell cells, and a couple more compressors to make efficiently compressed plant material in a timely manner. Once I get that though, I could have an entire electric farm run on generators powered by cans of biodiesel, rain or shine. It would be awesome.

Day 20

(20 January)
In a marathon 3 days session I build the floating island of dirt that is the Center and Southern Arm of Helios 1, my Solar Power Generator Array, off the coast of. I finally use all the expensive materials I've been stockpiling to build my coveted mass fabricator, which I place on a gravel island in the middle.
I plot out the planned build site using different colored wool blocks to represent the expensive machinery, and I actually place the wire so I know that I have enough to do the job. Once I have enough to outline the southern arm of the solar array, I begin replacing the wool blocks with the different transformers, MFEs and MFSs, and finally Solar Panels. Even with all my resources saved up I have only enough to make about 30 solar panels… After some calculations I find that the entire planned structure will take 1200 Solar Panels to build, as well as all of the required electrical components. So this will take some time. I begin leaving my minecraft on to generate UU Matter and stockpiler electricity as I go. (This means each day of real-time = 36 days Minecraft time, for Journal Purposes)

Day 21

I build an automatic miner after Elcaleeb shows me it's benefits. The machine is not flawless, as it misses some materials and requires me to go down and double check it's work after it's done, but it is quite handy. Using it I begin to strip mine the area between Helios 1 and the Highway, which needs a name. This way I can build on it eventually with no worries of losing access to precious materials. I spend the next few days mining away, collecting a good chunk of minerals for Power Plant construction. I need a whole lot more Iron that I originally thought, as well as Redstone and Tin. I've been using the UU Matter I produce to supplement my mining, but it's slow going.
I also plant a rubber tree farm on the island below the South Arm of Helios 1, and move all my machines from the Utility Shed there, as well as making a couple more.

Day 22

My western neighbor John comes from his new mountain stronghold to see how my work is going, as well as bringing me a couple precious minerals. Since the Cataclysm he has built a humongous artificial mountain, and is just one bad step away from becoming a stereotypical Bond Villain. We settle on the matter of my debt, putting the total at 280 UU Matter, so that he can use it to make Iridium for a set of powered Armor. He also tells me that I have been wasting my resources, as I will get more if I take my ores and Macerate them into dust, and then smelt them, doubling my output. The amount of minerals I have squandered by not doing this…. I don't want to think about it.
So I build a bank of Electric Furnaces and a bank of Macerators. Then I start building a wall of see-through Crystal chests, as I had a surplus of Copper, Silver and Diamond, so that I can better organize my resources. I also go back to Oak Marsh and bring every valuable resource I can find back to he Helios 1 build site for convenience. I also bring back the Enchantment Table, and build an Anvil, which I put into the base of a planned Obsidian tower. The planned tower will be the home of my Engineering Supervisor.
I take a walk over to The Bazaar, and I am astounded by the changes which have ripped through the area in the wake of the Cataclysm. No significant structural changes have occurred, however the ecological landscape is greatly changed. Werewolves and Ogres roam freely, as well as zombie pigmen are patrolling the streets in droves, almost 2 dozen lurk in the depths of the pirate ship. I kill what I can before leaving to go back home to safety. When I get home I find several snakes entered my solar power plant in my absence, so I kill them and find they drop several eggs which I raise to be my guard snakes. I also fight a couple sharks and crocodiles that were cocky enough to start sniffing out my area and harass my sheep.

Day 23

(1st February)
I have spent the last 2 weeks (roughly 16 months of in-game time) mining and harvesting UU-matter. Producing Solar Panels as I get enough to make them. I'm up to 15% of the total structure finished, almost done the whole South Arm. At this point it produces 2 matter every minecraft day of good weather. At this point I figure that the Engineer can pretty much sit back and let the UU Matter accumulate rather than working the Miner to death every night, so I start looking at ways to occupy my time elsewhere while I do so.
I make a highly expensive MFS Unit in preparation for the construction of the Central Solar Flower and a bit more HV cable. Then I turn my attention to experimentation with Agriculture. Along the east side of my workshop I till and plant some crop sticks. I plant each type of seed I have; Melon, Pumpkin, Wheat, Roses, Dandelions and Reeds, and attempt to crossbreed a couple random ones. It'll be handy to grow Melons, Roses and Dandelions this way at the very least.
I have heard rumor that I can make both hops and coffee beans. If my engineer can get his hands on Coffee, and my miner gets some good Ale into him, my settlement's morale will skyrocket. After all, I've had several dwarven settlements in Dwarf Fortress simply go insane and die after so long with no booze. After almost 2 years in-game, I'm surprised they can still function!

Day 24

(3rd Feb)
As of 3:37 AM this morning, the south arm of Helios 1 is completely finished and operational. It took 1 MFS, 5 MFEs, 220 Solar Panels, 58 pieces of Gold Cable, 80 pieces of copper wire and 28 pieces of HV iron wire; the raw materials that went into the construction of this is insane, with 35 stacks of iron going into the solar panels alone!
Anyway, the south arm is done, and I've laid the MFS and MFE, and basic cable layout of the central hub. I also cleared the land of trees between my new farm and the walkway to Helios 1. I'm going to prepare the area for a sizable crop greenhouse, as well as a crop-crossbreeding greenhouse for agricultural experimentation. I've been enjoying the experimentation I've already been doing, and discovered several new plants so far; among them are Potatoes, Carrots, Tulips and Cyazint flowers. As well I've been gathering a decent collection of seeds for my eventual greenhouse, with several specimens of each of the usual plants.
I also finally made some bio-diesel fuel and filled a couple of gas-cans with it. Should be good for any portable generators I need to set up. And I built a stack of tin cans and a canning machine so I could can some food. I canned a bunch of excess bread and apples. The canned food is neat in that it restores 1 heart as well as half a hunger. So it's like a mini-health potion, and it saves the cans after, which is handy.
Debating making a trade-o-mat for some iron, but not sure what to trade in return.


John's area [X:-517, Z:40, Y:66]

X = East (+Z), West (-Z)
Y = Altitude
Z = North (-Z), South (+Z)

Minecraft Journal – The Adventures of Chuck Paxton

Day 1 – I disembark from the ship in a crammed marketplace only referred to as the Bazaar. The New World is thriving with settlers eager to make a quick buck off of us new frontiersman with some training.
I flail around in the darkness for a bit to get some cobblestone and then meekly offer it to the excavator trainer as a meager offer for training.

Book 1 - Landing at Oak Marsh

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